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  1. Thanks for posting @mrbond66! Nice shoot, but kinda disappointing - her set from Girlfriend Material #6 was much better
  2. Agreed! Always thought she was a dead ringer for Emma Watson
  3. Yep, the whole magazine is like 230 pages or something.
  4. I agree with half of your post. 😂
  5. Can confirm, this shoot is unbelievable. Tons of great pics!
  6. For Colleen, it's like a see-through-ish wet t-shirt and one shot with some side nip. In fairness, a great shoot with tons of pics, but pity it's not a bit more nsfw!
  7. Wow! Nice shot. Anyone have the issue? Worth a purchase?
  8. Shane Rad has so many shoots that I'd love to see uncensored. Wish he'd start a patreon
  9. Yep, can confirm her patreon is pretty underwhelming unfortunately
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