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  1. http://www.hilaryrhoda.com/clips/fallwinter0607.html http://www.hilaryrhoda.com/clips/fweekmilantalk.html http://www.hilaryrhoda.com/clips/firstfacetalk.html http://www.hilaryrhoda.com/clips/TalkFW06.html http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qtWF_b_5CV4
  2. It's just in the same state... Baltimore is where Hairspray is set "good morning Ballllltimoooore..." :D:D:D:D
  3. here's the stunning hilary she' has the fucking sexiest stomch I ever seen I wanna fuck her stupid not the best pic but its unairbrushed and proves her stomach is truly gorgeous
  4. I would just like to make it clear that Hilary is not from Baltimore, like some have been suggesting on tfs... I says this coz I knows that some fo you go on tfs
  5. I got them from Atrip on supermodels.nl, its his photobucket the link I copied He got them from tfs I think someone beginning with k scanned them on tfs, I cant remember Anouk, thanks for the pic
  6. gossip: APPARENTLY (not confirmed it true but I belive it and I'm 99% sure am right) this is about Hilary: "WHICH young Vogue cover girl was so cruel to the girls in her class that they nicknamed her "the horse" and neighed behind her back? She must be better behaved on photo shoots, since she's now earning over $1 million a year?" also Hilary will be in a TV advert with the other Estee girls. Hil will be in a bubble bath surrounded by candles being playful and happy http://uweb.ucsb.edu/~daniella08/copy%20platform.pdf
  7. Another interview - 5 QUESTIONS FOR HILARY RHODA The all-American supermodel and newly crowned Estée Lauder face answers the fabled five 1. What are you working on right now? I am sitting in hair and makeup at a shoot! It is the sunday after fashion week in NY and everyone is a bit worn out. 2. What's been inspiring you lately? My mom inspires me and teaches me things that I use and remember for the rest of my life. 3. Who are your heroes, fashion or otherwise? Besides my family members, I don't really idolize any specific people. 4. Describe your style. I have different styles for everything but whenever I go shopping I come home with black dresses—they're my staple. 5. What are you wearing right now? A bathrobe! In the studio
  8. an interview: Rhoda's Rise "Fresh, beautiful glamorous." That's how Estee Lauder SVP and creative director, Aerin Lauder, describes their newest face. Next month Chevy-Chase native Hilary Rhoda will become the official face of Estee Lauder's skincare and makeup lines. Rhoda went from high school athlete to "it" glamour girl in what feels like 60 seconds, and now at the tender age of 20 she has worked with world-renowned designers including John Galliano, Louis Vuitton and Narciso Rodriguez. Next month she joins forces with the makeup giant to become an international superstar, and DCStyleMag.com caught up with the local beauty to see what she has to say about her rise to the top. Hilary Rhoda What was your very first fashion show like? I spent my first season in Paris where Nicolas Ghesquiere cast me in the Balenciaga. That was very exciting and really started everything else. There is a lot of mental preparation that goes into getting ready for the hectic pace! But once the shows start, I get into the groove of things. Which designers do you love modeling for? Modeling for Versace is fun because you can be really sexy and the clothes are really sexy. I also like modeling for Michael Kors because you can smile and be yourself. All of the gorgeous clothes, hair and makeup make me feel beautiful. What's your daily makeup routine? My typical beauty routine for the day is definitely just a fresh face. I'm very adamant about moisturizing. I always moisturize my face in the morning and throughout the day. I like to use Estee Lauder's DayWear Plus Multi Protection Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15. It gives my skin a nice natural glow. What is your favorite thing to do when you're in D.C.? I'm traveling so much with work so I love coming home to D.C. For me it's the perfect getaway. I love to go shopping in Georgetown with my friends. What is your dream job? I am living my dream job! It is all just amazing, from the runway shows in New York, Paris and Milan to being able to work with these fabulous designers. Everyone is talented beyond belief. That is an education in and of itself. And now to be representing Estee Lauder, and being part of such an American success story is just beyond words. I feel such a connection to Mrs. Lauder through her family. They have welcomed me into their family, not just a company. That's what makes my affiliation with them so special. Any advice for aspiring models? Don't take anything personally! If one person doesn't like your look, someone else may think it is the greatest look ever. It's about what someone in the business may be looking for at that moment. If you believe in yourself and like who you are, then that will shine through. What's next for you? I am always setting higher standards for myself. My goals today may be different tomorrow or next week. I take it day by day and feel lucky to be where I am. The pic that come with it:
  9. HIlary Rhoda, obviously :evil: I would kill to fuck her
  10. Fery - I actually lol'd when I seen the comparison with Evandro :rolf: Mbinebri - I really hopes she wasnt a slag I dont actaully like em, for once I want a girl to be pure but I agree that she look like a dominatrix and that is fucking sexy You can kind of tell she a snob, tho, even if you only looks at her pics Padre40 - yeah I did and I love it
  11. lol very rich I always though she looks a snob. Everyone says she looks "rich" and "patrician" so I thinks my opinion is shared with many
  12. Lily Cole is very famous in the UK and I think Agyness Deyn is becoming famous too. For her so-called "style"
  13. Hilary lived in Bethesda, which is the 3rd richest place in the USA (and is in Maryland, not Virgina), and Washington DC. Her parents aren't famous, just fucking rich, and apparently one of the houses she grew up in was HUGE. Even some of the friends she went to private school with wrote that she's a snob - so she must be REALLY bad Nice story Buhlack what is you native language? padre40 - how dare you insult The Chin her chin is gorgeous and makes her even more (physically) beautiful
  14. I dislike Agyness. I dislike her style (she's kinda becoming famous in England because of it *rolls eyes*) and her flat face and her yellow hair.
  15. hey does your name mean "black" with two syllables? ps Coco is NOT a bitch. She even replies to questions on her website, www.coco-rocha.com
  16. I knows she's a snob. She's always been really really rich and its near impossible not to get spoiled and be snobby when your born rich. I tried to hate her, but am not doing well coz I still fancy her
  17. if it was fake fur she would of said, also "vintage" is a big clue! Wanting animals to be killed specifically for you for a coat is definately bad in my books. I don't really thin she tries hard in interviews, she seems honest. But it is a bit weird how she can't live without Estee lauder products!
  18. I more bothered by her lack of conscience but I heard she's a bitch to people, too
  19. I hate Hilary now. I can't like someone who wants animals killed specifically for them. It will be hard coz she's so beautiful But I hate her now the interview I found: MODELING SENSATION HILARY RHODA is never hard to find these days. If she’s not slinking down one of the fashion world’s exclusive runways (think: Balenciaga), expect to find her gracing the pages of your favorite glossy. Come August, look for the former Catholic schoolgirl from Chevy Chase, Maryland, as the new face of Estée Lauder—joining the ranks of Elizabeth Hurley, Carolyn Murphy, and Gwyneth Paltrow, who have represented the iconic brand over the years. But if you’re lucky, you may catch a glimpse of the lovely, leggy 20-year-old in one of her most loved places this summer: home. CAPITOL FILE: What influence do you think growing up in DC had on your sense of style? HILARY RHODA: I think DC is really chic, and having grown up there, I think that’s why my style is so classic. You can wear something simple and make it look fabulous without people saying, “Wow, look at that woman! What’s she wearing?” It’s always understated, sexy, and beautiful. CF: What are your favorite local spots to visit? HR: I like to go to Georgetown. I love the shopping, and a lot of my friends go to school there. CF: Who’s your favorite fashion icon? HR: C.Z. Guest, because she had great classic style. She always stood out because she was dressy but she didn’t look over the top. I think that’s how my style is, too. CF: Have you spotted a must-have dress for the season? HR: No. But I like to wear loose, comfortable dresses in the summer. Something I can wear all day and then throw a little jacket over for night. CF: Is there one fragrance you’ve always worn? HR: I wear Beautiful Love. CF: Do you have a favorite accessory? HR: I have a little pinky ring that I always wear. It’s a gold signet ring with my initials that I never take off. I got it at a little boutique in Manhattan. I just got it last year, but I love it. It’s something I’ll have forever. CF: Speaking of fingers, what nail polish can’t you live without? HR: I like Estée Lauder’s Pure Color Nail Lacquer in Pink Clouds, because I’m more of a naturalcolor kind of person. CF: And what about your feet? Do you have a favorite summer shoe? HR: Havaianas flip-flops, because they’re comfortable. CF: When you’re on the beach, what bikini will you be sporting? HR: A string bikini by Eres. I like to wear red, and bright colors. CF: Do you have a dream addition to your closet? HR: I really want a cropped fur coat, designed just for me. That would be perfect for everything that I wear. Even a vintage one would be cool. CF: Where is your ideal summer getaway? HR: DC! I travel and see all these amazing places in the world, but I love to be able to go home and spend time with my friends. That’s the ultimate getaway, because you can just relax and do anything you want
  20. NO you was the first member to post. I was the first member to JOIN other then admin. Now I'm "pickle" and I explain this on her site before. And I do <3 her coz I'm a bi (even tho she's straight according to her myspace )
  21. She is quite beautiful! understatement of the year *rolls eyes* can you not see her gorgeous pale eyes and her lovely bone sturcture?? Those cheekbones... and her big smile and her lush eyebrows and her glossy hair and her porclain skin and her perfect nose and HER BODY - her sexy abs with a line going down the middle and her round boobies and her long legs and her peachy arse and her gorgeous back (I got a thing about her back )
  22. New Hilary stuff: a interview with Marie Claire, I think: Beauty Snoop: Hilary Rhoda's Makeup Bag Hilary Rhoda has a huge new cosmetics contract, but at just 20, she claims she's a beauty novice - with a lot of making up to do. A mere two years ago, the famously bold-browed Hilary Rhoda segued from Catholic-high-school jock to glamazon when labels like Ralph Lauren, Marc Jacobs, and Balenciaga booked her to grace their catwalks. Healthy, smiling, fresh-faced, all-American-wow! Kinda nice after the sunken-cheeked, sullen-faced size zeroes we'd been seeing. Estée Lauder wasted no time and snapped up Rhoda as the newest "face" for the brand's skincare and makeup advertising. But not one to buy into hype, Rhoda, a former field hockey-playing tomboy from Maryland, insists she's still a student when it comes to grooming and is eager to learn from industry pros. Here's a peek at some tips and tools she has picked up so far. 1. BUMBLE AND BUMBLE DOES IT ALL STYLING SPRAY "When I'm not working, I give my hair a day off. Just a touch of this spray adds polish without much fuss." 2. SWIM GOGGLES, TENNIS RACKET, BALLET SLIPPERS "I played field hockey and lacrosse in high school, but to stay in shape now, I swim, play tennis, or dance." 3. SUNGLASSES "I don't go anywhere without my black YSL aviator-style sunglasses. My light eyes tend to be really sun-sensitive." 4. LOGICS COLOR NOURISHING SHAMPOO "I don't color my hair, but I do suffer damage from the constant curling, ironing, and blowouts I endure on photo shoots. This gentle shampoo and its corresponding Logics conditioner are my protection." 5. ESTÉE LAUDER PLEASURES "I like a light, floral fragrance on girls my age." 6. ORIGINS NOURISHING OIL: "When I don't have time for a real massage, I smooth this on to relax." 7. & 8. ESTÉE LAUDER DAY WEAR CREME SPF 15 AND IDEALIST SKIN REFINISHER "I paid zero attention to my skin in high school. If I wore makeup, I'd sleep in it. Now, I'm religious about skincare." 9. ESTÉE LAUDER BRONZE GODDESS SOFT MATTE BRONZER "I use this bronzer to contour both my cheekbones and eye sockets-probably the best pro tip I've learned." 10. IPOD "I always have it with me - I listen to everything from Sinatra to Jay-Z." 11. ESTÉE LAUDER HIGH GLOSS IN ROSE "My daily must-have-it matches my lip color exactly." 12. DOVE ULTIMATE CLEAR SOLID "Believe it or not, my field-hockey teammates and I used to wear Old Spice deodorant-but I switched to this because of my sensitive skin." 13. AVEDA ROSEMARY MINT SHAVING GEL "It's essential for my legs to look great on the runway-and a moisturizing shaving cream is key." ...and old Hilary stuff... :| ...oh dear
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