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  1. I completely agree, it's great to see her back on tv! Loving the blonde hair.
  2. I noticed Stacy and Torrie have their own threads and thought it was about time there was a Stephanie one! These HQs are credit to the Divas Heaven forum.
  3. Yeah, that Shane McMahon is one handsome guy! lol (Hey Ash!) Just thought I would share some love as it seems he's not so popular over on this board lol. Dunno if you've seen this one yet Ash but I made it ages ago and never got to use it lol. Tried to keep pics in mind that would be highly approved of!
  4. I adore Jennie, she's so pretty and she seems very passionate about her sport although, I'm from the UK and have no clue what it is. The pictures in this thread are so pretty though, thanks to everyone for sharing!
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