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  1. Belldandy from "Ah! My Goddess!!" and sorry about the mess
  2. dunno who she is... Kristen Bell (a.k.a Veronica Mars , or "Elle" in Heroes)
  3. PC: Spellforce Partly an RPG , Partly an RTS , a nice game . & Dungeon Siege II (Deluxe Edition) (Original Game + Add-on ) PS2 : FFXII : Collector Edition PSP: Just Begin FInal Fantasy Tactic and still playing Dynasty Warrior VOl.2
  4. trying the ImageShack software for capping and uploading a pic at the same time .
  5. playing Valkyrie Profile 2 : Silmeria
  6. here's mine Belldandy from "Ah!! My Goddess"
  7. peyt > her character in Grey's is named Isobel "Izzy" Stevens. Nice pix btw ,they're new to me .
  8. HAve a very cute avatar and sig
  9. Likes Halle Berry Andrea (persuazn) made a sig for me , but the links is kinda dead
  10. The_Lonely_Wolf

    I Am...

    posting in the "I am" topic
  11. Mastercard Priceless Night Screencaps Enjoy !!! credit: ccleary777
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