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    Nevermind, I'm an idiot.
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    Thanks guys, glad people liked it. You mean the clip that's in my avatar too? It's from a making of Angels in Venice video, here's the whole thing: Where's Bob? (80MB) And here's just that one shot: Bob clip (700 KB)
  3. Hi guys, Here's a new Adriana Lima video I just put together, enjoy. avi Quicktime Special thanks to sanja, nothingless, AZkid, Vivalalima and valmount and everybody else who posted pictures or video clips.
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    A new Adriana video for y'all, hope you like it. avi Quicktime Thanks to everybody that posted pics and videos, especially sanja, norah, AZkid, nothingless, sheebshag and Vivalalima.
  5. Here's a full size version of the BBV ad Pink posted on the last page. It's the one that starts with Heidi saying "Full coverage girls" and near the middle Marisa says "She's talking about the bra." http://www.cheesewars.com/supermodels/marisa_BBV.avi
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    Wow, cool, never had a groupie before. Just kidding. Thanks for watching and glad you liked them. Yeah, guess I'll keep making them until someone tells me to stop, I run out of ideas or the world runs out of beautiful women. I'm working on the Adriana one now and that should be done in a couple weeks, so stay tuned.
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    Here you go: http://www.cheesewars.com/supermodels/sexy_2005.wmv To download it, right-click on the link and choose "save target as."
  8. Marisa would be a great wide receiver because no one would hit her. Well I might slowly tackel her for the obvious reasons. Are you kidding? If I was playing against her, I would get flagged for holding and illegal contact so often I'd be thrown out of the game.
  9. You really think the Niners are going 10-6 this year, bluestars? I wish I could be that optimistic, but even with Gore, I don't trust Smith or Nolan's offense yet. 7-9 or 8-8 is my guess, but I hope I'm wrong. To keep this slightly on-topic, since the 49ers are Marisa's favorite team, maybe they should have picked her up during free agency. With her athletic skills, she has got to be a better wide receiver than Ashley Lelie.
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    Very nice job, Cypress. Great tempo to your edits and the grouping of the clips works really well.
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    The writing or symbols that people put on the video to mark it. Like the "alessandracentral.com" words in the middle of their videos or the CBS logo in the bottom right corner on the VSFS shows.
  12. {name}


    Most of the clips came from this motion thread and from the forum over on alessandraambrosio.com. The members here and there are really good about finding every single time Ale shows up on video, even if it's some obscure Arbor Day commercial that only ran in Sri Lanka and Antarctica. I guess even the penguins want to catch a glimpse of her. YouTube has tons of clips but the image quality is pretty bad and alessandracentral.com has several million but they all have a giant watermark in the middle that really detracts from the the image. Unfortunately, I'm an old, old old man so I think my classroom days are behind me. But I was a communication major during undergrad and I've picked up a little experience since then, so I'll try and keep muddling through. Good luck with your video, I can't wait to see it and if you've got any questions just let me know.
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