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  1. ok adriana is strating to look liek crap these days,, with her orange hair she looks liek carrot top she should go back to being a tanned brunette with plumped lips and quit smoking bec i did:) muhahahha
  2. what is this bs if adriana is happy ur happy jesus chrits and i thiought i was weirdo for being obsessed, chill out, she doesnt know were alive.yeshh.
  3. I dont Like beyonce very much, but shes alot more realistic that models, why u got smthg agaisnt her cuz shes african american?thats just freaKIN Low as hell, she has a gorgeous voice, and i admit shes not the skinniest girl but she is pretty.no matter what anyone thinks. she is one of the most popular simngers today, and if her music isisnt selling, she wouldbnt be on teh Cover.and that's that. Thankyou
  4. akkh i hate wen its on rapid share that crap annoys me like helit never ..Honeyboney if the password is ww.bla bla watever wats the user name?
  5. if these havent been posted yet, y'all bette rkissmy ass from now on lol www.superiorpics.com/adriana_lima/pictures/Lima_JS516052256_picture.html http://www.superiorpics.com/adriana_lima/p...50_picture.html http://www.superiorpics.com/adriana_lima/p...51_picture.html http://www.superiorpics.com/adriana_lima/p...54_picture.html http://www.superiorpics.com/adriana_lima/p...54_picture.html hehe.. im just too darn cute,, and so is she,.
  6. hay i died my hair black and all and im dying to get it back light but my mom told me i have to strip it and all and itw ill fry :S which sucks i mean i need my hai to be healthy its healthy now but like i want my old hair back! HELPPP
  7. mn i wanna screw nicole so freakin fineeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee god damn seriously shes hotter than adriana~
  8. reminds me of channing tatum holy crap hes effin hot man
  9. ok the thong and all i mena she seems kinda tipsy but shes so damn adorable, she looks good but not as good as she used to be,, shes loosing it:(... buit ID SO STILL TAP THAT ASSS
  10. why is she posing like a slut all of a sudden??/?
  11. ya seriously, she kinda does look like a fourtty year old version of adriana lllol
  12. her ass needs to get laid, sorry someone had to say it, thats bs abotu her not smoking i mean she has a cgarette in her hand, and no one can be this ht and in the modeling bussiness and not get laid, and wat difference wil it make i mean its not like any of us are her fmily memebers or close friends, lol who gives a damn shes a pretty lady who willleabve this time in a while..
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