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  1. Stalking/Hacking is an unforgivable vice. The secret is safe with me but you know who you are. good luck in life being a psycho.

  2. Quit reading my emails Psycho

  3. thanks hun ;) I've been loving your Erin sets. I wanted a new Gi set that was summer-y and focused on her past work, since that is my favorite of hers. ;)

  4. Thank you! I'm late but hope you had a great Easter, xoxo.

  5. Happy late Easter, hope u had a great one.

    yeah although this is one long hiatus! I am starting to wonder if she could be pregnant or something, lol.

  6. Last message: LMAO I said "clam" I meant "calm" haha.

  7. haha that will be so nice of you. I somehow think she is busy moving into her new home..and maybe even taking a hiatus after the superbowl fiasco. although, with her when its quiet...often means she is busy busy busy...you never know with her since she doesnt confirm her work on twitter etc like most models do, lol. Sometimes there's a clam before the Gisele storm I like to say ;) American Vog

  8. Hi sweets! you totally read my mind I was getting ready to come say hi on your page and see what you were up to! LOL wow. :D

    my private life sucks right now :( need some new Gisele work to cheer me up, lol. How have you been?

  9. wow thanks for the rare Gisele ads!


  10. Thanks for the Supermodels posts! xoxo

  11. thanks I felt like it needed some cleaning up ;) hehe. Still love your covergirl page.

  12. Oh yeah football = soccer to most people outside of the US. so weird to me. Football is football and soccer is soccer here. hehe. Well I love learning about different cultures outside of America though.

    Happy New Year's Eve!

  13. thanks Kat. Liked your comment in Leo's thread about American Football. :D Who is your team? I'm a Steeler fan all the way. :p Its always weird to me that its not famous in other parts of the world considering its like 2nd nature here. Football is as iconic as apple pie. haha. its not even just a sport, its a lifestyle!

    Happy New year Sweetheart!


  14. oh cool I didn't know that! I will try and remember on the 7th to wish u.

  15. Happy Holidays sexy frenchkiki. wow did you make this Laetitia art? Love the notebook effect :o

  16. Thanks for the posts and welcome. Happy Holidays!


  17. Merry Christmas dear! Hope u have a great one! xoxo

  18. Happy Holidays to you too sweetie! :)

    I like your quote, it reminds me of one by I think Linda Evangelista. "We don't do Vogue, We are Vogue". haha love it.

  19. thanks sick. was trying to find a gif that matched my sig. :D

  20. Happy Birthday Kat! sweet 16!!!!


  21. wow luv your new set! its so pretty and mysterious. nice job

  22. thanks hun. I want another multi model cover for US Vogue and Gi to be in the front and center of course, lol.

    Would love to see Candice and Doutzen on the cover too. They are both becoming American Vogue faves I think.

  23. thanks alot hun. some of my favorite models all on 1 Vogue cover. :D