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  1. She's also promoting the line pretty well. Eyewear is her thing which is why I always wondered why vogue eyewear didn't renew her contract again. I hope it sells well enough that she can do another collection
  2. This is actually really good. AND no errors Yay!
  3. You don't have to read Turkish media to see all the rubbish they write. It's impossible to miss. Those people are awful
  4. That's why I said some. Her look for Elton John party last year was lovely. So was the one she used for a puma shoot with the yellow eyeshadow
  5. We didn't get a AdriAle photo? 😢😢 It's one of my favourite things about the VF Oscars party
  6. She will continue to work with him. I mean look at how much she trended last year and he has given her some really lovely looks. Her team won't leave him alone.
  7. We need a video like last year though
  8. The makeup is not so bad when looking at it from afar
  9. I love all her items. I detest that black leggings though. I don't think it is from her. Is it?
  10. I don't think she's doing anything to her face though.
  11. That first picture was horrible. But looking at subsequent ones she didn't look so bad, in fact she looked great. However, close up that makeup needed a little colour. Adriana herself isn't too tan so she needs colour even though I am tired of seeing red lipstick on her.
  12. I think it's the makeup. It was just too much
  13. Cute cover however I cannot relate it to the theme of the issue.
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