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  1. I would be thankful if anyone knew her name :
  2. Has anyone by chance a name for me ? Thanks.
  3. HI, can someone help me with a name ? Thanks so much in advance. Braunbart
  4. thanks a bunch. this is solved.
  5. Hello, can someone help me out with a name here ? Thanks in advance.
  6. Ah, a swedish woman, great THX !!
  7. Hi, can somebody give me a name ? She seems to work for Someday or Opus fashion a bit. Thanks in advance. B.
  8. THANKS a lot, no idea how you found this out ... ?
  9. Does anyone have a name for this model ? Picture is from the 90s.
  10. Any help on these models would be much appreciated :
  11. THANKS. this can be considered solved.
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