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  1. 5 stars for the best set maker on BZ! Shhh, don't tell anyone I said that :D

  2. I'm so mad that you didn't inform me of Masha Demekhina! I had to find her on my own!

    1. DanniCullen


      Oh gosh! Sorry Ophelia! ;( Glad that you've found her now! :D

  3. lol. Me living in Chicago is going to be a hamper on this lol. xD

  4. When do you usually play? I'm gonna goof off a bit and see if I can get back into the game, but my guild is also MIA.

  5. I like the female Panda dance lol. I'm still burned out, I'm just logging in to make the gold back that I gave away. Maybe I'll make a random toon on your server since my guild is still MIA

  6. Playing with Pretty and Pheno?

  7. I'm only playing a Panda because the girls have the caramelldansen dance!

  8. BAH! What server are you on? lol

  9. OMG I just got talked into coming back to WoW for the stupid Pandas. Noooo. Nooo

  10. I got it! Joe and CarMELita did it. I did message 3 other mods. This will be awkward when they log in next. THANK YOU for finding it! =D

  11. your Karlie gifs are amazing!


  13. Thanks SO much! =D

  14. Thank you for the Birthday wishes! Love your Matt Smith pics!

  15. Nope. Only one mmo now and that's tor:)

  16. I'm super excited for ME3! How's Amalur? I've been playing Old republic

  17. Hi...I didn't do it! >___>

  18. I'm going to repeat everyone else and just tell you how fantastic your sets are!

  19. OMG YOU'RE A MOD! Gratz! This is so awesome!

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