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  1. The big photo might be Cynthia Shaffer..... I would be glad I someone can also ID the other models in small photos
  2. I have some photos of a model. She might be Cynthia Shaffer.. because their eyes, cheekbones and jaws are similar .. I need a response from you @ sanja and other members, I think all of you.. members have observant eye Regards ,
  3. Members 122 posts Posted just now 80s model Nancy DeWeir on British Vogue Juli 1980 @BlueAcadia
  4. 80s model Nancy DeWeir @BlueAcadia
  5. Model on the left might be Nancy DeWeir @BlueAcadia
  6. Is there a model named Regina Monte ? in that 1987 Elle France Cover ? at Rocket Queen , at Dayrell
  7. Regards, Friends ...... Please ID rhis model at Thom Browne Show 2018
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