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  1. very very very small zoomp ad
  2. Her body is awesome!Best body in the modeling world by far!
  3. Last year her dress was a lot better but she looks great also in that dress
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    : )))))) you ll see
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    Why ? Her posts also got deleted ?? ... And looking at her own pictures for self-amusement. Gosh, just a post, what could hurt ?? She ll come up with good things, just a wait little bit more if you can or care of course. Anyway I just so wish to see her at Poiret: King of Fashion" Costume Institute Gala at The Metropolitan Museum of Art.But neither alessandra nor adriana attend the event.
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    still rumour but The New York Post is reporting this morning that Gisele is in negotiations with H & M for her own lingerie line! They sopposedly are waiting for the VS contract to be over for legal reasons.
  7. thanks she looks great!
  8. She shoot a new vs commercial with marisa miller it will air on august so I think it will never expired VS loves her soo much.
  9. Who said you that Adriana's payment is bigger? I mean her VS contract yeah,I m talking about that too Well, from what I've read Ale's contract is about a milion dollars per year and Adriana's is about 2 or 3 milions it was wrong info ) As you know ale signed one of the biggest model contracts evet in sep 2006 for vs.She is exclusive for their beauty products also...KK has the biggest vs contract as already mentioned and it is said that ale's new contract is rival to that.If you work more,you ll get paid more.Gisele getting all that money not just beacause she is a supermodel,she also did very single pr events for them etc. Anyway I wish as a new angel besides miranda they ll use valentina z.She is goergous!
  10. Who said you that Adriana's payment is bigger? I mean her VS contract yeah,I m talking about that too
  11. Why?I remember I already told that it was like the arena 2006 which is also photogprahed by same people.Even in cbs site you could saw the preview pic of Ale shooting the cover. Her schedule is a little bit too tight now because of vs.But summertime she is always doing some bikini editorials I hope she ll do some this summer too.
  12. Ana broke their contract in 2004 appearing on JLO lingerie.Jlo paid her so well and maybe she got bored to playing 4th fiddle to Gisele,Adriana and Alessandra. After than that they are hardly use her in thier catalogs.They still have a great relationship tough.
  13. from AAOF moderator.And you know she is now with elite+,we ll get some news.This is the reason why I like elite,they let us know about models work
  14. Marisa has just shot her very first TV Commercial for VS with Heidi. It will air in August across the US
  15. thanks saintly.Are you gonna scan the editorials also?Also the cover shot with the text?
  16. actually there was 4 covers,one for selita also.When they first shooting these pics on the vsfs gq uk decided to make 4 different cover,than they changed their mind and they put Ale on the actual cover.Its editor's decision.
  17. do not worry I pretty much now everything about Tyra's high fashion career.Its just a big fuss.She was gonna be soo big if Naomi didn't ban her right But of course its another thing that you want to believe.Like adriana famous in brazil etc etc.....Its more like your dreamworld but anyway if you are happy,we are happy. Just because she is not throwing things to some people or not using cocaine doesn't mean that she is not well known.Most of the people know her and she is still 26.Her success comes when she was so young.Its one of her advantages.And now she is the highest paid supermodel and number 1.Yes she is ruling the fashion world as a model now.She has the most power now on models side.And designers love her,editors love her....She is already made a term like ''ubermodel'' Your skin comments are funny.Its enjoyable. Now when we get back on topic.as I said before it will probably be Miranda Kerr.She is great and bubbly and seems good speaker.
  18. you said even tyra was a high fashion model,if tyra was a high fashion model yeah absulety ale was 10x more succesfull high fashion model..... You are funny....at the end of the contract you have to negotiation again,I don't understand why you so greedy to start a drama or that kind of things... Gisele face and skin is just goergous,its only your hallucination.She is the best of the supers do not worry about her.Even without scandals and that kind of things she ll still rule the fashion world.
  19. ale also did the runway work for the most of the designers which I said my previous post.She did ads emporio armani and aj also......as I said before if you don't know her career,you don't need to speak.I m not claiming she is the most succesfull high fashion model.Also print which includes ads and editorial is enough to become a high fashion girl with some runway support.... Like jennka said,its now gisele promoting vs ,not vs prmoting gisele.Same with the Heidi and Tyra.They all have a name in the world.VS want more pr events from gisele and gisele wants more free time at the end they seperated their ways.Simple is that......They are already giving tons of money to KK and Ale and they can afford to every model so money is not the issue....... She is brazilian do not worry about her skin,she is immuned to sunlight .And I think her work will speak for herself iat the near future actually very near.
  20. Ale was a high fashion girl early stage of her career.Its obvious that you don't have a clue about her career.She did ads for dior,every single range of armani,gap,calvin klein,oscar de la renta,raplh lauren,escada,roccobarocco pollini etc.. and yes vs choose high fashion girls except heidi.Gisele and Kk was a lot more high fashion than doutzen when they choose them.Its a step tough.If you want to be a supermodel you have to do commercial modeling also.But the new angel spot seems saved for Miranda!and there won't be a 5 new girls! also about gisele what you said is crap.Gisele was already earned more than 5 mil$ from VS a year .Her contract end months ago.She wants to do somethingelse than vs,and she is ''the supermodel''.And only 26 years old.When we compare her to ancient Kate Moss or Naomi,its obvious that we will see Gisele more and more.It just so bad that we won't see her in lingerie often now
  21. Izabel already has an indivual commercial.When she first started as an angel before the vsfs 2005.Miranda looks goergous ,sometimes she looks so young tough.Soon or later she ll become an angel.
  22. I think its because of the photoshop She looks goergous so does izabel.
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