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    [email protected] AAOF Ale will fly to LA to shoot a single girl 10-12 page biker story for Elle USA . The story will be shot by legendary Easy Rider actor Dennis Hopper and styled by Joanne Blades. This will be Alessandra's first story for Elle USA. She will evoke the tough biker chic of Easy Rider meets the supermodels of the 90's The story will run in the March/April issue of the magazine.
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    [email protected] Alessandra is confirmed to shoot a major fashion story for Elle USA. Ale will shoot the new beauty line this weekend for VS. She has been chosen be the face and spokesmodel for the line which will be debut in Spring 2009.
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    ET Video http://www.etonline.com/news/2008/11/67699/
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    Ale and Ana shots for GQ UK special for Victoria's Secret like it will be 20 pages editorial as well as the cover... As for Extra and Other things mod never said that it was air that date or not...Read his posts carefully......
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    thanks to [email protected] find it AAOF avada capture it DOWNLOAD: http://rapidshare.com/files/163647131/1616078-SPL61401.flv
  6. Ana is doing the show, the pics are for GQ UK editorial
  7. ^^Alessandra walked in her early career for chanel,fendi,oscar de la renta and dior
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    credits to AAOF to me the best VS Commercial ever. Gisele looks stunning. Victoria's Secret Demi Lace Uncutted Version 00:60 seconds 15.7 MB Download
  9. I hope you are not talking about this issue because she was on the cover of July/ August 2008 issue(it was reprint pic from Würth Calendar 2005)
  10. A/X Fall Winter 2004 Rare Pic
  11. Rolling Stone Brazil 01/08
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    Its from 2003 São Paulo Fashion Week - Zoomp by Renato Kherlakian
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    After she watched the show ,she went to the D&G party.
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    PJ Party unedited version credits to AAOF! 00:47 8.36mb Download
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    PJ Party unedited version credits to AAOF! 00:47 8.36mb Download
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