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  1. Miscellaneous

    I think I like it because there's something mysterious about it. But I also think it'd be cooler if there were stars in the background and she was wearing something different. Oh, and her hair is BLACK! My favorite hair color on her.
  2. Miscellaneous

    Oh no, I didn't mean in just Brasil people look like her, I just meant especially in certain places (not every, of course) over there because I know quite a few people who have almost the same mix as she has (as in there's a lot of black, Indian, Asian, and European combinations), and they really have similar features to her. That mix isn't as common in a lot of other countries. Of course, that mix isn't enough to make someone look like her alone, but I'm just saying that I've seen a lot of people over there who do look like her more than anywhere else with that same mix. That's all. And people compare themselves to every celebrity, you know? I hear girls say, "Ohhh, I look like Britney Spears all the time!" and she's obviously not the prettiest girl in the world (nor was she ever). As for getting back on topic, that one picture thiago posted is my new favorite.
  3. Miscellaneous

    There ARE people look like Adriana. Unless you've seen every single person in the world, you can't say that - I've seen at least 3 girls look like her. Especially when you go to Brasil. Everyone looks like someone.
  4. Candids

    Yeah, Adriana is NOT perfect looking - she does have flaws. But that's what makes her so interesting. She doesn't have any HORRIBLE features like a fat, short neck and an extra set a toes... just small little flaws like imperfect teeth. I like that about her.
  5. Candids

    Yeah, I love her funny/stupid faces. It shows she doesn't take herself too seriously, even though she's such an amazing person. It really makes me love her that much more. :]
  6. Candids

    I love her outfit from that night with her and Denny in the club.
  7. News

    Adriana has B cup breasts (that's what Chris on this page that you guys just posted said: http://www.casperchristophersen.com/breasts/)? I was told she was a medium/large C cup... but I never really checked it out to see! That's cool.
  8. Candids

    Yes, Adriana has established herself as a big model, but that's no reason for her to just not care how she looks. She shouldn't have to be a twig, HELL NO. But I don't like the way the weight appears to have shaped her face, either. She used to be a lot prettier. But at least she looks young in the new candids. Her other ones from March and some of April and May were HORRIBLE and she looked like she was aging. So far, the only time I've seen candids of her from this year and thought, "SHE LOOKS AMAZING!" is at the Spiderman premiere. I started noticing that she began looking different around last summer.
  9. General Clothing

    That makes me like Alessandra, and I didn't really like her before. It shows girls that they don't need implants to be considered beautiful.
  10. General Clothing

    NO WAY - YOU ARE LYING NOW. 34A!? I thought you had to be at least a C cup to be a VS model... are you serious? I knew her boobs were tiny, but damn! But I like that. Not every woman has to have big breasts. Good for her.
  11. News

    Well, none of them are perfect - I LOVE Adriana a ton, but to be honest? I'm not always 100% of the time a big fan of her smile because of her gums and teeth... they can be kind of funny. I know I'll probably be called crazy and stupid for that, but that's just how I feel, you know? But yeah, she's WAY better than Alessandra. I can't find anything pretty about her face. And Adriana is way better than Miranda Kerr.
  12. News

    Why did they break up? They seemed to be having so much fun together...
  13. General Discussion

    I hope she has a great birthday. God, I seriously just love her now. I'll admit - a few years ago, when I first saw her, I was falsely told by a friend (who I now know knew NOTHING about her whatsoever) that she was a "stuck up bitch," and I really didn't like her because of that. But then I started actually reading up on her and watching videos of her, and I realized how down to earth, funny, and overall incredible she really is. She's only 26 and she's already accomplished so much - so tomorrow, she's going to have A LOT to celebrate. Happy early birthday, Adriana, haha.
  14. News

    AWESOME. Where did you guys hear that they'd be making one?
  15. Candids

    Thank you so much! They don't look that much alike - but I remember Adriana saying she got a lot of her traits from her grandparents (since she hasn't seen her dad since she was a baby, I don't think she can really compare herself to him), so maybe that's why.