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  1. i would also say yes... the nose and lips? what do u guys think
  2. Hey, i've made this collage of ana, where did u find it?
  3. Who is the girl? it's a female model, i have forget her name ps: it's you in your avatar profil? (very pretty) Yupp, That's me..thank you
  4. sorry,by the way does anbody know where i can find those trousers like miss guerra's.
  5. Are they real or fake??? <_< i don't belive...i think they arent real...!!!
  6. can someone post please the ads from the j.lo campaign? in HQ??
  7. I didnt like the quality... got someone this one from wireimage?
  8. thankkk youuuuuuuuuuuu veryyyy much..... Aren't there more??? Can you post the rest pleaseee........ Love u, thank you thank you thank you :hell yea!:
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