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  1. Personally for me the best one I watched is Supernaturals This Show may be nominated as the best show EVER released and it's not only my opinion.
  2. https://anysubj.com/p/Political-Memes-64648 https://anysubj.com/p/Comics-64060 Some funny comics and political memes lol
  3. Looks like an awesome movie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eFbrPnxK7pI https://anysubj.com/p/THE-KING-Trailer-1-Official-NEW-2019-Timothe-Chalamet-Robert-Pattinson-Movie-65086
  4. I liked the original so I think this may be worse... who knows. Terminator 2 wasn't actually worse, just different. Let's see... Thanks for the trailer.
  5. lol right Waiting for new series, I think that Vikings is also worth a watch.
  6. Game of Thrones The Walking Dead The Flash 2014 Star Trek Discovery The Big Bang Theory ------- My current top 5 list I'm following now. Can you recommend the best site to follow shows? I know only TwoMovies and TV Maze.
  7. Our TV Show tastes are pretty similar Dexter is awesome!
  8. I have so many gems to share but I will start with these 3: My top 3 list for 2019 year: 1. Game of Thrones = watching here 2. The Walking Dead = just awesome! 3. The Flash 2014 = watching on Netflix Also I like Star Trek Discovery and The Big Bang Theory And of course Breaking BAD! 😎 Fantastic series but already finished.
  9. Game Night I watched at https://two-movies.net/watch_movie/Game_Night if someone is interesting to watch.
  10. cool songs, well done!
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