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  1. Motion

    Thank you PinkCouture!
  2. Motion

    Could you please post the YouTube video? I would like to see it.
  3. Motion

  4. General Discussion

    *I saw the new IPEX commerical for Victoria's Secret, but I didn't see Adriana. I only saw Gisele, Katrina, and Alessandra. Where's Adriana?!*
  5. General Discussion

    Which magazine was that?
  6. Miscellaneous

    I added some more of my favorites in the post above. Where can you request to have another thread?? (I would like to request two threads to be added to this section of the forum: Favorite Pictures & Requests).
  7. Miscellaneous

    I love these pictures:
  8. Candids

    Please keep all discussion here (this section is for pictures).
  9. General Discussion

  10. Miscellaneous

    ^Thank you for posting those PinkCouture! She looked so gorgeous at that event.
  11. Miscellaneous

    Dang it, I did it again! For some reason I keep calling her 'Katrina' instead of Karolina. Thank you for the pictures. ===================================================== Oo, I have one last request: Where was that picture taken at & when. Also, can someone please post more like that.
  12. General Discussion

    Victoria's Secret Auction How much did their wings sell for? (The ones that were designed by Adriana, Gisele, & Katrina last year.)
  13. Miscellaneous

    Does anyone have pictures of Adriana when she was wearing the wings that would be auctioned off? (When she was promoting the VS perfume, along with Gisele & Katrina).
  14. Editorials

    Wow, thanks Obsessed!
  15. The BEST of Bellazon

    Why is there a x3 or a 3 next to the name?? Anyway, Adriana Lima