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  1. Happy Birthday and 5 stars for you ^_^

  2. Eeep! O_O She`s actually younger then me...
  3. Arh...I am sick of trying to upload these pics now(attachment-way) so I`ll just do it this way...Here you go! =) : Yay...=P
  4. Aaand...yes...more! 9ijo.bmp 90ioj.bmp 0o.bmp 9ijo.bmp 90ioj.bmp 0o.bmp
  5. And more... Some runway ones: etfc.bmp tefdx.bmp io__jk.bmp okj.bmp etfc.bmp tefdx.bmp io__jk.bmp okj.bmp
  6. And more... She looks a bit scary here, but I like it! =D
  7. ^ Not Gabriella, Aleksandra...=) Solo per un dettaglio D mag, issue 490 Photo / Sean & Seng:
  8. No problem! ^^ She`s so adorable...
  9. Found more, yay! ^^ Heard she was going to be in D&G FW 07??? =)
  10. I really like this girl, she is beautiful... Born: 15 November Where: Ukraine Height: 178 cm Bust: 83 cm Waist: 61 cm Hips: 89 cm (from supermodels.nl) I searched her name, but found no thread, so if there allready is one I am very sorry!
  11. Thankies! She`s so cute in the umbrella-pic...=)
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