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  1. Where ELSE can we find this video?!
  2. DGR


    Wow, these are all really great wallpapers. Thanks a lot.
  3. DGR


    Just to clarify: I wasn't saying they were lesbians. I was saying that if they were, it'd be hot.
  4. DGR


    My two cents: Marilyn was hot. To expound: She wasn't thin. She has some meat on her bones. She was very curvy. And everyone went BANANAS over her. Adriana looks like she's putting on some weight, and I like it. I agree that Alessandra and Isabel could use some weight. Gisele doesn't need it because she isn't scary thin. She's like, lean and athletic and she's tall. I for one don't think seeing rib cages is that sexy. Anyway, thats my two cents. Bottom line, Adriana has to stay hot. Just as long as she doesnt get skeletal or makes her heels break under the weight, I'm cool.
  5. DGR


    Alessandra-on-Adriana would be hot. I'm not going to lie. Also, does anyone have that picture on the bus that Adriana is leaning against? It's AMAZING.
  6. DGR


    12 spinning midgets. 5 vomiting elephants. 12. 5. I won't forget it.
  7. DGR


    I'm confused. Did the show air already, and I missed it? Because that would suck big time.
  8. DGR


    I hope I'm not out of line here, but is it too much to ask to have the wallpapers made in 1024 x 768 as well? If you can, I'd really appreciate it.
  9. ...oh my lord....there is no end to her hotness. Those new pics are amazing.
  10. DGR


    She is absoultely incredible!!! :evil: She gets the blood flowing every time!
  11. Hey guys, I've been gone for a little while and on my first time back here I'm reminded of just how heavenly this girl is. Her eyes, her lips, her breasts...everything about her is perfect. She's incredible. I don't have the resources to contribute to the website, and I feel bad for my continuous mooching off you guys. That being said, I want to thank everyone for posting pictures and videos and things up here. Thanks again. On a lighter note: HOT DAMN!
  12. DGR

    [Video] Avatars

    This thread died! WHY?! These avatars are awesome and we need more!
  13. DGR


    In all seriousness, when I saw this wallpaper, the words "hatchala fatchala hatchala" came out of my mouth. But those aren't even words. That's the effect she has on me. And probably all of us.
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