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  1. I made some print screen of the video Narcisse posted. It goes too fast and makes me feel sick. Lily should try different colours. Definitely .That I don't know mustard yellow(?) dress looks outstanding on her. Green suits looks nice too. And colourful lips
  2. She isn't Dixie. Dixie looks like little Caleb But Lily is Lily. Narcisse cd LRL cd
  3. Lily's instagram story. It's feels like preview too. So she's gonna have 2 editorials published next month. Levis: Reunited for RL after.. how much? 20 years?? Carolina Herrera. The second one is so beautiful. source: instagram,
  4. Some bts and outakes?? I wish they were bigger. BTW It's gonna be nice photoshoot. New HB gr issue comes out on Sunday and then we will see the results of her work. Lily lifting up a fish box seems to be interesting. source: https://www.missbloom.gr/moda/lily-aldridge-fotografizetai-gia-to-elliniko-harpers-bazaar-stin-ydra/
  5. Thanks @ceceshores Guys i found sth new. Is the effect of the shoting she had a few weeks ago in Greece? http://www.tovima.gr/2018/09/24/media/to-harpers-bazaar-me-to-vima-tis-kyriakis-stis-30-septemvriou/ I can;t find Harper's bazaar greece online issue. Maybe this is because the letters and alphabet they have are diffrent or it doesn't exist.
  6. Beehive I can't take my eyes off her face and her hair so it's difficult to focus on shoes then. Everyday Lily for RL and glamorous Lily. I'm sure that this is one of the most beautiful dresses she has had this year. Anybody knows where she went that night or get some more photos of this look?
  7. Thank you guyes for all updates. She always brings me to mind Native American girl that's why I love this look the most but animal patterns really suits her and all sisters at once Some new lrl stuff. I made print screen that's why quality is not good enough but it isn't possible to copy it in any other way. source: https://www.ralphlauren.eu/
  8. On runway with bump? She is a superwoman!
  9. it's too fast. I can see white sweater and leather trousers and sweat pink makeup.
  10. Maybe her RL cotract requires being at parties like that. I'm sure that she wanted to be more with her sisters at RL party than with other models at Russel book angels. BTW Russel James said thanks to all his friends who couldn't come and tagged i.a Lily.
  11. Thanks @ceceshores I agree that her dress is boring but the cape really makes the difference and all outfit catches my eyes. She looks a little bit witchy and scary. I'm wondering why she didn't attend Russel book angels. I always thought that Lily and Russel are friends and obviously she has still more in common with VS than RL.
  12. They just used some product. She shot a few years ago for Love magazine. It was published: That photo you added is some outtake.
  13. Thanks @ceceshores ! I haen't seen in on a levis official website. Is it outtake? jimmy choo campaign cd ! I knew that it must be sth else!
  14. I think it has sth to do with jazz. Maybe it's chillout or nu jazz. It' makes me feel so good. It's like a soul massage.
  15. Thanks @Sunshiine It's lovely! When do you think narcisse mag. is gonna unleashed the photoshoot? I can't wait to see it! The music in the background is perfect for it.
  16. Thanks @ceceshores for all adds! They are a having wonderful holiday! I found it on the instagram and it seems that it comes from lauren ralph lauren pre-fall or fall collection. https://www.bulgari.com/fr-fr/divas-dream levis (outtake?) and some oldies from free people campaign found on insta
  17. https://www.instagram.com/p/BnG31VqDplS/?taken-by=bulgariofficial Blonde wig at last!
  18. I wish they unleashed one video on yt. source: @homasafar , @saladrigas 1852485825939792626_55951040.mp4 1852485226313723658_55951040.mp4 1852486535850992440_55951040.mp4 1852506203848437444_1035546586.mp4 1852497169493700352_1035546586.mp4 1852499563819885838_1035546586.mp4 1852501010955913783_1035546586.mp4
  19. some bts from @levismadeandcrafted is 1852444050336782246_2179397342.mp4 1852445424122471273_2179397342.mp4 And special dedication to @BAGGOT No, never enough Lily! source: https://www.levi.com/US/en_US/blog/article/lily-aldridge-for-levis-made-crafted-fall-winter-18/
  20. Thanks girls for update! Yeah I definitely agree that she is one of the better spokesmodel now, but it wasn't like that at the beginning of her VS career. Sometimes when I watch her old videos I'm a little bit emabarrassed. She has improved her speaking so much over the years. My favourite one is when she talks about Love by VS and how she met her husband. I fell for this story and the way she talks about it. Bts I didn't connect her style to Audrey but now I see some influences. I knew that she likes her because of her Halloween disguise a few years ago, but when I saw her red carpet outfits Audrey didn't come to my mind.
  21. Thanks @ceceshores for update! It's just appeared on homasafar insta. It seems that it is some outtake
  22. some lauren shots quite similar to those we had a few weeks ago.
  23. Guys here we have a bunch of new shots of Lily from Levi's house. I don't insert all shots to not destroy this page. So let's click right arrow Now when she's just announced she is pregnant I don,t see her bump. She is very good at cheating. Bad girl.
  24. congratulations! I don't think that the photo is made today. She always notes down on insta when she is away. It was probably taken 2 weeks ago when she was in Bahamas (same bikini) So the bump can be even bigger now. I'm so happy too that she is pregnant. But it also means that she will disappear for a while
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