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  1. We have the ugliest women on Earth? I very much doubt that. I don't think we're the best looking people (too many fatties), but I know we're not the ugliest because the immigrants I've seen here are usually worse looking than we are, so there must be a lot more ugliness where that came from. You do know that we have Slovakian immigrants and Slovakian descent people here, as well. You must be calling your ethnic group ugly, if you think we are the ugliest people on Earth, because there's no way the Slovakian immigrants who came here automatically had an "ugly gene" the rest of your population doesn't carry. I want to know when you have even seen an American Indian woman. I can't think of any natives from the US who would be famous internationally. I think you are just pulling this stuff out of your behind, because you have a problem with blonde, white women. Why do you care so much about the beauty standard here? Just like that other poster who is going on about posters not finding pure African women beautiful, why do you care so much what features others find attractive?
  2. Is Miss Tennessee biracial? I'm wondering because I couldn't tell what race she is. I don't see her winning Ms. Universe either. The bit about teaching at Oprah's South African school is great, but I don't think she's some great beauty. She's actually pretty bland looking, then again I never find most beauty contestant winners to be anything special.