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  1. Candids

    noo.. she really has gained some weight.. the reason why its an issue is because models are typically stick thin... i don't think anyone really cares... its just cus of the career she has... and you can not deny that she has gained some weight on her face
  2. Candids

    Its just that Adriana is known as the best face in the industry and i completely agree.... amazing eyes... but she should really try to keep it up!
  3. Candids

    Hmmm.. <_< adriana really is losing it. i am a bigggg fan of hers but i just do not like her in these newest pics... of course her eyes are gorgeous but her face seems pumper. i dont care if she gains weight... wuetver... but its sad that the weight goes to her face. when britney spears gained weight it didnt go to her face. unfortunante to say it but alessandra is looking more beautiful now a days :-/
  4. General Discussion

    haha celebration of her body? she does not need to show her breasts in a sexual manner for that 2 be done.... there is a big difference between art and showing ur titties in a dirty mens mag so that they can jerk off
  5. General Discussion

    I don't think you could call urself a devout christian and pose for playboy..... therefore... its a false rumor .
  6. General Discussion

    not all surgery is serious.... duh
  7. General Discussion

    started dancing?
  8. General Discussion

    Oh welll....... u live and learn.... i dont think she really cares... her family was poor and now she has money to give them.. that is why people work.... some people don't care about the fame etc. looks are just on the outside but adriana is the first model ive been actually INTERESTED in.... i don't care about cindy or niomi or wutever... obviously niomi is a bad person so who cares if she is a legend or not.....
  9. General Discussion

    Well her teeth--- perfect or not.... add to her beauty.. i remeber seeing a picture that made her teeth perfectly straight and it did not look as good as her any ol day candid pics.
  10. General Discussion

    Oh and ps.. i love the fact that adriana has imperfections like her teeth and 2 some people her nose that all together make her perfect. her weight does not mean a thing to me... i love her face... it is unique
  11. General Discussion

    Sometimes I wish Adriana wasn't so mainstream. Like doing victoria's secret.... makes her look sexy but not in a good way.. like the way she makes askmen.com's list. I wish she still was more high fashion and lesser known, because i don't like her being looked at just as "sexy and hot" by greasyy men but rather as a beautiful exotic woman and not in a sexual way. I miss her black hair... why did VS make her lighten her hair! It takes away from her beauty! I truely hope she does not become too mainstream like tyra banks and gisele and even alessandra. it takes away from her appeal.