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  1. General Discussion

    Well they are still together. She liked his fathers recent post. Oh well
  2. Candids

    Aww even her mom left a comment. Translated to “rocking on girl” ??
  3. General Discussion

    I wonder why she deleted them in the first place. I hope everything is okay with Adriana.
  4. General Discussion

    I think it’s crazy how insecure Adriana is. She deleted her cute post about old school work and a lot of other post. She is a strong woman and shouldn’t care about haters. With Metin actions speak louder than words and his actions and family actions are questionable.
  5. General Discussion

    The a1 account. Like did he really need to start to follow it? But then again, who knows how long it’s been there.
  6. General Discussion

    Why did Metin expose that account in the first place?
  7. General Discussion

    I think it’s interesting how Tamara was with Adri this summer in the Hamptons before Metin came and then she is no where to be found. From the instastories it seems they had a blast. Im also curiousabout how her close friends feel about Metin. They all follow him and he only follows a few back. Maybe they don’t want to jeopardize their relationship with Adriana, she seems to cut ppl off.
  8. General Discussion

    The dad is even following her hashtag...
  9. General Discussion

    I’m curious to see how everything is going to play out. I think the whole family is loving this attention. The dad follows a lot of adriana and metin accounts.
  10. General Discussion

    She has too many “yes” ppl it seems. All her core friends she hangs out with followed Metin and even posted some writings from his book.
  11. General Discussion

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they are engaged. Adriana falls so hard and there is no turning back. Plus the guy has a way with words, so she is loving all that.
  12. General Discussion

    I still wonder why she hasn’t been on social media much. Looks like she had fun though!
  13. General Discussion

    Not her, sorry, Rihanna.
  14. General Discussion

    DO anyone know what happened b/t her and Rihanna? She just walked her show and now is not following her. Also, I think Metin unfollowed her as well. Seems odd, thought they were friends.
  15. Candids

    Hope she is happy. But what is weird is that a few days ago she followed/unfollowed Metin, again. Also, Adrielle does not follow him. Everyone else in her circle does but her cousin. And she has met and been around him. Maybe she is skeptical as well.