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  1. Actually i'm a vampire, so i'm safe no matter what. I'm just worried about the other 2. They make great pets.
  2. Pshh, TBK, how could you be so lame ?!! "If a man shot a woman's ovaries, he would be the scum of the earth, why is it different when a woman shoots a man's manhood?" Did you really ask me that ?!! You ?!!! That ?!! Because I still think you're messing around. If you were in the Middle East, have you ever wondered why every man there can have 999 wives (legally) while the women, huh, can't even see their only husband until the wedding's day ?!! And if the bastard get caught sleeping with the 1000th woman, is it considered cheating ?!! HELL NO. That'd be his 1000th wife, but when the table is turned, you know what'll happen to the woman who sleeps with the 2nd man in her life ?!! "Would that be her 2nd husband, Heather ?!!" . Yeah, that'd be her 2nd husband, in hell, after she's burned and thrown with rocks to death. It's even funnier when the one who asked me the question is you, the jerk who flirts with everygirl in the forum. Do people call you man-whore when you do that ?!! Because people would only call me cheap whore if i do that, which i did . But i don't give a shit. Do vampires get AIDS?
  3. Uh oh, Heidi is winning. Maybe Alien should unite with Predator or something...
  4. {name}


    Fernanda met Gisele (coincidence ?!!) Credit to pocodolce. Translation by XPedro: "Gisele says ''Dinner today is at half past 11! Come with me, where are you going? Come with me. I'm going to Dolce to get some clothes. Come with me!!!" Fernanda ''No, I can't, I have a show now. Give me that water please, you have another one. OK. Bye delicious, call me!" Gisele says "Ciao Amore!" Fernanda "Ciao!!!" " Ciao to both of you cuties.
  5. She was already winning at that point
  6. Yeah, their wedding's this December, 15th.
  7. I think VS should rethink about this and turn their show into a circus for a change. Next year, make Adriana jump through a fire ring. I'll watch!
  8. Does anyone have a picture of Paris's STDs ?!! Thanks.
  9. Take a look at my boyfriend... http://vsfsvideos.googlepages.com/
  10. You should just leave it there as a proof there's such a kind, Solo. :persuazn:
  11. Was Prettyphile the only one who has voted in this poll of Alien vs. Predator vs. Heidi Klum ?!! http://www.bellazon.com/main/topic12632/Ge...r_vs_Heidi_Klum
  12. Hey look what i found !!! A picture of the VSFS 2007.
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