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  1. Are you implying that the fact "women in movies = dumb bitches" is impossible to change and shouldn't be ?!! :persuazn: And what movies are good for if there's not any lovey-dovey scenes hmm ?!! (I'm sure i don't wanna watch Lawrence of Arabia playing grab ass with his boyfriends for 4 hours or anything like such). And dammit, why is it even the milk hag in your avatar has to be so stupid to get squashed ?!! When is this madness going to end ?!!
  2. {name}


    9 more points for Sharks to catch up with the Red Wings. Oh well, i wish...
  3. {name}


    ^ I'll go ahead and assume you just made a joke, MattLovesModels. It wasn't a good one by the way.
  4. Letting Heidi bite you ?!! But I agree. It's not your fault.....Awww..... come here.... MWAHHAHAHAHA.....
  5. You know what, ez_c. I just found out that i can never stop being pissed by people. This morning, an old hag dared talk to me while i was waiting in the line to get my class registered for next semester. After i gave her an " :| " in reply to her "how are you doing?" , the hag kept going on about how great our school is and how lucky i am to be in this generation, peace and free... i wanted to kick her ass.
  6. Don't let any of that moisturizer from ez_c's eyes interupt you, Pinky. He's luring you in for a kill. I say ez_c was once bitten by Heidi. Her blood has run in his system. He is now the spawn of Heidi and should no longer belong to the surface of the earth. Kill him.
  7. WOOWOOWW leik.... a reaal kimoonoo ??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Eye kan't weit 2 C itt!!!! ROFLMFAOLOL !!!!!
  8. I think we are too late, RJ TAYLER. Heidi's hair has touched Pinky's lips. I can't believe it. I might have to kill Pinky before it's too late. This is going to be tough. : ( Don't worry for me, my friend. I'm immortal.
  9. And that, is expected, of course . Whether i'm drunk or not should be the least of your worries if you're planning to be a writer, Herve. Stick with the topic!!!
  10. Oh yeah, Pinky had a first hand experience from Heidi. I'm glad you're still alive after meeting her, Pinky.
  11. The tittle should sum this all up. Let's face it, y'all. Writers hate us women. In a movie, 90% of the time, the one who causes troubles, ruins a master plan, or get abducted... is usually a bitch. (or tends to be a dumb shit who is a woman). What the hell ?!! Why do these writers always make us look so lame ?!! I can show them how smart, polite, bitchy, or awesome i am and they all will have to kiss my ass, those shit-producers... <_< Just watched Spider-man 3 again and I'm gonna write a leter to the Marvel Comics, request them to strangle Kirsten Dunst to death as a make up for the lame character Mary Jane, a.k.a "A.S.B" (annoying stupid bitch). Because of her, spiderman turned gay, Harry got an ugly face and i had a diarrhea. Can't she watch herself for once and not getting abducted all the time ?!! And there she's jealous, complaining Peter isn't always there for her... Isn't always there for you!! What do you want ?! Mouth-feeding ?! Stupid ho, stupid writer... <_< . And if any of you has seen this one movie of Arnold Schwarzenegger (where Arnold had to protect this crying-baby girl from a sissy satan that wanna have sex with her before the year of 2000 or he'd die or his penis'd fell off or something... ), you'd have to agree with me that the girl sucked so much ass. They kept running, running and the poor satan had to follow them everywhere they go. If i were the girl, i'd dress Arnold up just like me and lure the Satan to have sex with him instead. Or, i'll undress myself, come infront of the Satan, make funny faces to piss him off, when he comes close, i shoot my own vagina and laugh my ass off. Done. I'm dead (which in this case is the girl, i never die), satan's dead. Movie ends. No hard feelings. And thousands of movies featuring stupid whores like James Bond, superman, batman, those horror movies.... but horror movies don't count since both sexes are made to be stupid anyway. (Seriously, what's the point of watching the zombies comming close when you can run ?!!). Girls, it's time to speak up, i can't hang on to this anymore. Why wouldn't those shitty writers let the man that is abducted and there we come to rescue for a change ?!! WHY?!!!! Oh wait, i just realize that i ain't rescuing anybody... Is it just me ?
  12. Out of TG's site, perhaps ?!! http://vsfsvideos.googlepages.com/ And join the forum while you still can...
  13. Hey hey hey hey, where ya been ?!

  14. I'm sad you've given up your kicking balls habit now, I LOVE ADRIANA. I mean... it rules!
  15. We're building a very pretty semi-pyramid-hoes. I'm happy.
  16. Good question. What do you have ?!
  17. Ohhhh, that one... Yeah, i haven't watched it. But the detail he ate himself to death fascinates me. (might put him up somewhere). Thanks, Joker The Great.
  18. Isn't it though?! Now let us talk about... *yawns* the VSFS07 !! Wait, YOU TALK. I'll go wash my dog...
  19. There's hardly anything Irene doesn't like, Macaroni4miwufhaorhe.
  20. ^ Herve's soul has been stolen. He's no longer my favorite slut...
  21. There is. Check out the site. And stop all the Qs. :persuazn:

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