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  1. Whats that stranger ?!! :shifty:

  2. Something illegal in my profile ?!! :shifty:


  3. ...to beat me up ?!! :( . Like half of the forum ?!!!

    Why ?!! im so adorable ?!!! *cries*

  4. KBIII. 1 request. Stop viewing my personal profile :persuazn:

  5. I know. Im saving that time for Bellazon :(

  6. BUT HMMMM..... :( ... she was complaining im online too much. So i wont be logging in for couple of days. :(

  7. It does suck Van. I dont hate moving. I just hate living with my sister :ninja:

  8. uh uh. I was wrong when i chose UCB. :( :( I JUST WANNA GOOOOOO BAAAACK !!!! *cries*

  9. My sister fights with her husband and takes me and her kid to our cousin's house. I HATE IT !!!!!!!!! I WANNA GO BACK TO LA !!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Van. My family sucks :(

  11. Knock, Knock...

  12. meeh. Whats your MSN ? or yahoo whatever ??! :shisfty:

  13. it was deleted due to the bashing rules :rofl: . Thats forseen !!!

  14. :rofl: Thats my job.

    Oh, and i saw your comment on the thread i made for KBIII. Brilliant. :rofl:

  15. How unfortunate !!! *cries* . KBIII and Anthony only masturbate :rofl:

  16. oops, i accidently clicked on your avatar =)

  17. you deserve 5 stars

  18. its cutting* DAMMIT !!!

  19. I'm planning on cut Matty's balls. So pick a side. Wait, you did. Oh well :|

  20. :rofl: Excuse me that was only for one side. I have to work my ass off for another side of mine first :rofl: :rofl:

    And work for your own properties :persuazn:

  21. Sarah where have you been ?!! :(


  23. Err...no, theyr just bitchy .

  24. OMG ARGH !!! ... *throws panties at Van* :rofl:

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