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  1. Anyone believe he will show up at any of the Golden Globes award after parties?
  2. He will be showing up in Cannes anytime now, he never ever misses this vacation hotspot during the film festival!
  3. That sounds right for the date Welcome aboard TuesdaiNoelle
  4. Ladies, is this simple the angle of a different shot or has he genuinely lost weight to get movie role ready? What are your opinions? https://www.instagram.com/p/BiFaVFFA5cP/
  5. Don't worry, get your rest. When you wake up, I am sure it will be posted for your viewing pleasure!
  6. BarbiErin, calibi, sexyleo, jade, ox and bnkenobi & TuesdaiNoelle....get ready girls, the photos & media are coming
  7. Do any of you ladies have a close up photo of the original wolf fangs gold pendant he wears?
  8. Is the VIP today or was it way back earlier this month?
  9. This is a howling gold wolf from what I see, now if its on a ring or band or simple a charm/pendant is a different story until an up close photo can be seen
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