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  1. Do any of you ladies have a close up photo of the original wolf fangs gold pendant he wears?
  2. Thanks for the new photos Calibi!
  3. Amen to that and thank you ladies!
  4. Thank you BarbieErin for the new pix! 👍
  5. Is the VIP today or was it way back earlier this month?
  6. This is a howling gold wolf from what I see, now if its on a ring or band or simple a charm/pendant is a different story until an up close photo can be seen
  7. beknobi, do you or anyone have access to an HQ version of the Leo & Spielberg photo?
  8. Thank you so much bnkenobi for the latest HQ photos!
  9. I wanna say it looks like a wolf charm/pendant
  10. What type of new gold pendant do you all think Leo is wearing in these Oscars Before the Night gala pics? If anyone has a better HQ version, please upload!
  11. Ladies.... Check out his pre production, filming and post production filming entires in his ALL FILMOGRAPHY on IMDB.com here: https://m.imdb.com/name/nm0000138
  12. Thank you to everyone whom contributed the new photos & video 👍
  13. What event is he attending?
  14. Oxford & calibi, thank you so much for this Leo media overload 👍
  15. Will be appearing or presenting at the GG awards tonight?