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  1. Balmain is a luxury fashion house that's been around since 1945. If Puma didn't promote it, it still would've sold out. It was a happy moment when EsraLima posted the news. You could've just let it went instead of making a non-comparable comparison. Maybe I read the thing 2 pages ago wrong (it was late last night when I posted so I was tired) but it still doesn't negate how you jump on things when it's unnecessary. At the end of the day, the majority of your posts that I've seen have been negative, critical and making something out of nothing so.... But I don't want to clog up the thread going back and forth so let's agree to disagree.
  2. I'm not just referring to this instance. This is a build up. General Discussion used to be fun but literally every time I check it, you're in here with a long paragraph criticizing her for the smallest, little things. I've been a fan since 2002 and she's given me (as well as other longtime fans) some eye-roll inducing moments over the years but I've never seen any of us sitting around talking negatively about her the way you do. Clauds gave Adriana props on her 2019 just 2 pages ago and you rushed in to put a negative spin on it. Someone posted about her PUMA gear being sold out, "well it didn't sell out quick enough." I'm at work so I don't even want to go back to relive the other things but yeah, it's chronic pessimistic content. The rules don't state, "you have to only praise Adriana and kiss her 🍑 in order to post" but Jesus Christ! So I'm not calling you a "hater" but if there are haters out there, they can just sit back and watch you do the criticizing of her for them.
  3. Finally someone says it.! There was a time I’d lurk BZ everyday. Now it’s once a week (if that) unless she has an appearance or event. Why rush in here to see the same negativity and criticism about everything she does. I sometimes wonder if certain people are actually fans. Lord knows I don’t always agree with everything Adriana does and I don’t view her with rose colored glasses anymore like I did when I was younger but yikes, with “fans” like these, who needs haters. That’s why I didn’t even trip when Clauds threatened to shut General Discussion down. Like, what’s the point anymore.
  4. 4BWL


    Wow! This is how IG chicks edit themselves to look and here she is at 38.
  5. 🙄 I don't mean any harm but for the likes of James Charles? Please! I didn't go into detail about what a piece of crap he is but @Souled-Out broke it down perfectly. However she's being "dragged," he's been dragged worse and for stuff more serious than being "fake." She owes him nothing. NOTHING. And I maintain that I'll be mad if she dignifies this with a response especially if it's an apology. I haven't been on in a while so I don't know what the rules are about this but frankly, fuck him. She is the Adriana Lima. *shrug*
  6. I haven't actually seen it but according to the comments in this thread, she stuck her tongue out after taking a picture with James Charles.
  7. She really doesn't and I'll be mad if she does. This guy has a fanbase of mostly teens and mindless stans and her team would be stupid to let them bully her into an apology.. He has no clout, power or respect in the industry. I haven't seen the video so I don't know what she did or didn't do but trust me, doing it toward some Youtuber (who was just in hot water himself not too long ago) will not effect her career in any way, shape or form. People on Twitter find something new to be mad at every hour so it'll blow over.
  8. 4BWL


    OMFG, I just realized she really is The Supreme!!! Any AHS fans here? 👀 I’m about to watch Season 3 again just because of this.
  9. 4BWL


    Sara & Martha commented as well but I’m sure most of them probably gave Adriana their well wishes backstage in person.
  10. Aww, this is what Lais said on Dri’s pic. 😓
  11. I'm sitting at my desk sniffling. I had to close the door so people wouldn't pass by seeing me crying. Imagine trying to explain it, "hey, so I've been monitoring the VSFS all day instead of working and this model I've been following since 2002 just took her last walk..." 😂
  12. I saw that and I was confused because of the model in the person's avi. I don't know how many Candice fans are in here and I'm sorry if I offend but let's be honest, Candice has been messing with botox and fillers for the last few years and JUST turned 30 on October 20th. In last year's VSFS thread I pointed out Elsa's lips because someone with an Elsa avi accused Adriana of fillers and all hell broke loose for like 2-3 pages. 🙄
  13. 4BWL


    She looks perfect. IF this is her last show I'm satisfied with the way she's going out. Not too skinny and she's tan-ish. Someone over yonder in the VSFS thread asked if she looked happy to be there. Uhm yeah, that smile says it all.
  14. ^I think it’s a possibility. There have been rumors of her retiring from VS every show since 2014 but this is the first year I’ve actually taken the speculation seriously. Her actions remind me of Ale last year when Ale didn’t talk much prior to the show, wasn’t photographed much and everything was secretive. *IF* she’s leaving that’s fine. VS is a sinking ship and there’s light on the other side of the tunnel for her and her career. It has me wondering about her *potential* send off. There’s really nothing significant left. Taylor is opening, Elsa w/the bra, CandiSwan w/the biggest wings. The only thing she could possibly have is a video montage and closing the show (they let Ale close last year and took it from her during editing 🙄 but I don’t think they’d do Dri that dirty. ) Guess we’ll see Thursday....
  15. Anyone else find it strange how it’s Super Bowl weekend and she has nothing to do? For the last 4(or more) years she’s been there in some capacity whether promoting VS or hosting the Leather and Lace party. But if you recall last year she was scheduled to host that event but she cancelled last minute to hang out with “his” family and the WAGs. I doubt the event organizers took too kindly to that. Who knows, maybe she just didn’t want to be there because of the awkwardness but if that’s not the case, in the words of Kendrick Lamar, “even a small lighter can burn a bridge.” Please don’t let another flop relationship burn the rest Adriana.
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