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  1. Yeah, I believe its a mistake as well. I wish there was a database with all model names/photos and catagorized by year/season.
  2. I dont know if it qualifies as vintage, but I have a request from Spring summer 2002 couture Chanel show:
  3. I am collecting all runway photos of my favourite models, and I dont want to miss any shows. Up to early 2000s if possible. I think thefashionspot has lists after 2008. Looks like fmd has the largest lists, but I have seen it miss about 30% of a model in early 2000s. I found the complete list in bellazon page of the model. Do you have any reliable sources that lists all the runway shows a model walked? Also, I try to google the show name and find videos/pictures. So far, best sources are livingly, firstview, vogue, gettyimages. Do you know any other site with decent quality images and videos? I assume google search should find them, but I would hate to miss some. Thank you for the help.
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