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    No, not at all. Fashion has to change it's attitudes towards models & WEIGHT! Gisele is the boobs from Brazil why would we want to see a bony ass Gisele on the runway ?? I'm glad some people are actually starting to make positive moves/gestures to these models. Curves on a woman model or not is always best. They will never be 'FAT' will they. 14 pounds on Gisele is NOTHING! i agree with you but i just thought that gisele doesnt needs to gain any weight at all. she's not super skinny or anything like that. plus, isn't 14 pounds hard to put on in a short notice?
  2. {name}


    Gisele had to gain 14 pounds to be able to walk for the Dolce & Gabbana show. Does anyone else think that's ridiculous?