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  1. slea


    I tried to open it, but there is always this message: Forbidden You don't have permission to access /~slea/movies/ on this server. oops, i moved stuff and it broke the website. should be fixed now. sorry!
  2. sometimes the skipping is actually caused by the hard drive. a computer with a slower hdd (or maybe just with a fragmented file system), won't be able to seek fast enough to display all the data in the video stream. but yes, processing an xvid video is a pretty expensive operation for the cpu, too. for the 2.2gb version of this video, for example, you'd need a drive that can read at least 850kb/s at a constant rate - there's probably disk bendmarking utils out there that'll let you know the read speed. regarding the ac3 problems: i haven't tried it on osx, but mplayer for linux plays just about every video and audio format under the sun without any problems. there's an osx port called mplayerosx, if you want to give it a go (http://mplayerosx.sourceforge.net/)
  3. the second link u gave, the file cannot be found. so at the present, i can only view the show but not hear anything. try one of the mirrors here: http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/ac3filt...ilter_0_70b.exe
  4. i assume both are exactly the same footage. the 700mb one is a slightly higher audio and video quality than the 350mb one. both can be viewed with windows media player, but you will need to have the xvid codec installed (http://www.xvidmovies.com/codec/) to view the video, and ac3filter (http://nchc.dl.sourceforge.net/sourceforge...ilter_0_70b.exe) to hear the audio (only need ac3filter for the 700mb file)
  5. slea


    just click on them and then a window will open for you to download... if you`d like that i can convert the vid into .mpg and then upload it and post it here. here`s the link ALimaFan .Enjoy : http://rapidshare.de/files/8748097/et_onli..._shoot.mpg.html Thanks Outofdark. What happens is that when I left-click it, the video starts to play in the Windows Media Player, but I don't get any download options -- at least not for the ones with .asx extensions. But thanks again. hi, sorry about that. the correct extension is .asf, i'm not sure why it ended up as .asx. if you rename it, it should play just find in windows media player or mplayer classic. i'll rename it on the site soon.
  6. ok it's down: again, available here. (this time the 700mb one is in the bottom left, and the 350mb is the bottom right - i really need to make the filenames more readable) for the audio you'll need the ac3 codec (it's 5.1 surround - whoosh!), and video is xvid again i believe. my connection is 10mbit (1280kb/s), but i've never gotten over 900kb/s for a torrent. the server that is hosting those videos is 100mbit. also: i'm off to bed (as should you two! it's like well past midnight on a weeknight for us)
  7. i'm just fetching it now - should be ready in about 30 minutes (coming in at a nice 300kb/s - love bittorrent)
  8. wait, ignore that, i just noticed someone posted a torrent to a 700mb one in another thread. i'll download that and put it in the same folder.
  9. it's here (bottom left). if anyone is willing to upload a 700mb or higher quality version, please PM me for login details.
  10. i've got a ~350mb hdtv rip that i'm happy to put up, and if anyone else has a better copy i'm happy to host that, too.
  11. slea


    oops, sorry. it upgraded something and forgot to check pretty much everything before i did it. ;( should be working again now. i have a bunch of new videos to upload soon, too!
  12. slea

    Scarlett Johansson

    scarlett johansson @ the 7th onsale online gala fundraiser - 2005/11/10
  13. more from the onsale online event a few pages back
  14. slea


    petra nemcova @ k.i.d.s. celebrating 20 years - 2005/11/11 (old event, don't think the photos are reposts though) more
  15. josie maran @ spike tv's video game awards - 2005/11/22 more
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