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  1. Not true, those that posted it on Instagram deleted it by choice, there's still I think one account that still has it up. Because really there's nothing she can do to get it deleted from instagram, that's why she was pleading with those that posted it and not just reporting them. If someone wants to post it there's nothing she can do to stop that.
  2. How about this ffs... That's all the evidence I can give that this is legit. Hopefully this uploads correctly.. I'm new here ScreenRecord_2017-07-26-14-52-04.webm
  3. Just created an account to clear things up, this screenshot is from my Instagram. I posted the nude with a paragraph doubting the authenticity of the supposed DM that was asking to remove it. A few minutes later, Barbara DM'd me and we had this little chat. It is legit, and it is her. I've since deleted the original nude. But to be brutally honest she's pretty dumb, if you never intended on having nudes released what is the reason for even being photographed nude??! No offence but Barbara seems to be a lil' bit of an airhead from these messages.
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