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  1. Absolutely irrelevant but omg you like Blue Oyster Cult too!

    1. Limerlight


      Yes, I've been a fan for years when my father introduced me at a young age to them :yes: 

      Glad you enjoy them as well

    2. peanuthead


      Yeah I've loved them ever since JK Rowling wrote a book based referencing them (it's called Career of Evil, you should give it a read it's amazing). So glad I've found someone who likes them too haha

  2. I would just like to bring this back to show why she needs hop outta pink
  3. Thank you lol people are so delusional that they think threads are meant to be all butterflies and rainbows
  4. My girl never fails to disappoint
  5. Nobody's jealous lol she's just a terrible model
  6. As much as I love my girl Cara, she's a terrible actress. I want her on the runway again
  7. When will these Instagram models realise that they'll never happen? She's awful. Uh... I'm bored of her already. She looks the damn same in every damn picture. I'm over these blonde Instathots
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