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  1. Apparently the little guy didn't appreciate getting his picture taken 'cause she started having contractions right when she arrived on set. 😉 Mother's Day.mov
  2. 2021 is certainly quite the improvement over 2020. https://www.vogue.com/article/model-grace-elizabeth-pregnancy-motherhood-beauty?utm_campaign=likeshopme&client_service_id=31193&utm_social_type=owned&utm_brand=vogue&service_user_id=1.78e+16&utm_content=instagram-bio-link&utm_source=instagram&utm_medium=social&client_service_name=vogue&supported_service_name=instagram_publishing
  3. Well @anythinggoes99, you should change your name to Nostradamus 'cause you certainly called this one.
  4. Am I crazy or does she look like she might be pregnant?
  5. She said in a Q&A that she was due in February, so any day now.
  6. INSTAGRAM Kate is engaged to her true "Love" (Insert rimshot sound effect)
  7. INSTAGRAM Someone's engaged. 😀
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