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  1. Here's the official commercial.
  2. Plus she's made it clear on several occasions that she not interested in having kids.
  3. "Mazel tov! It's a boy!" - Orlando Jones (Evolution) https://people.com/parents/lindsay-ellingson-welcomes-son-carter-john-first-photos-exclusive/
  4. Anyone know where to find the original version of this video (Without the fashiontv logos in the upper corners)?
  5. I would expect it to be delayed for a little while. SI usually does an event in Miami to celebrate the release & with the quarantine in effect, it may not be 'til June or July.
  6. There are certain advantages to being in the modeling industry for 16 years, plenty of friends & acquaintances to help you with your business.
  7. First Sports Illustrated, now Maxim. https://www.maxim.com/women/maxim-cover-model-kate-bock-2020-2
  8. Izabel Goulart at Neymar Jr Replay event in Dusseldorf - 2/13/2020
  9. No, in this video she mentions being a single parent.
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