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    the image gallery @ giselefan.org is also named bombshell gisele - currently they have some probs, but they are working on it
  2. Kyuzo

    Selita Ebanks

    “What Teens Want” Party for Nickelodeon Network
  3. Kyuzo

    Selita Ebanks

    another angle - did she dyed her hair? can't really tell, sun is lighting up my display
  4. Kyuzo

    Selita Ebanks

    Yes me too now anyway. Befor her long beautiful hair looked so amazing. But i don´t like it now probably she's influenced by this dude ... let's hope she doesn't go any further
  5. Kyuzo

    Selita Ebanks

    yes, she is - mentioned at several sites ... probably short after she has been discovered (2000) pic: d&g party at cannes film festival