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  1. {name}

    2012 SI Swimsuit

    does anyone else think the level of photoshop on some of this is a travesty? seems like an injustice to the models to me. not that I care for the barbie pictures, but when is SI gonna use some hq pictures instead of those tiny things?
  2. {name}

    VS Model's ID

    http://media.victoriassecret.com/product/p...V248964_093.jpg anybody know who this is? Please do not hotlink images. Click here to read more about hotlinking. -Post edited by Lady Fatale
  3. {name}

    VS Model's ID

    http://media.victoriassecret.com/product/p...V308693_H21.jpg ?
  4. {name}

    vs id

    http://media.victoriassecret.com/product/p...V308693_H21.jpg anybody know who this is?