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  1. Happy Birthday, don't know whether you will be back....

    btw, 5 stars for you^^

  2. Thanks for the vid Cypress, I love the song too. Starlight by Muse is simply awesome.
  3. I would give my critique on it, if I hadn't practically slept from the beggining to the end of it. I lost track of how many times my friends woke me up only for me to fall asleep again two minutes later.
  4. Ha!! Ya! Thats about how it goes.

  5. Ya, it is good to get away from the computer for a while.

  6. Yeah, I've just been busy and I haven't been on BZ lately. I'm been ejoying my summer and hnaging out with friends.

  7. How is it going? Long time no see!!!

  8. Thats okay though, you are still driving.

  9. Well, at this rate, I doubt I'll be getting a car. I'll just have to borrow my parent's cars.

  10. Yay, thats the way to think. I want a muscle but got a T-Bird.

  11. It's not so much the type of car, it's the fact that I'll finally be able to get around with out relying on friends who can drive or my parents.

  12. Yay driving is cool! Expecially fast cars! You like old American Muscle?

  13. Thanks. I can't wait until I get my license.

  14. Long time no see.

  15. Happy Birthday

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