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  1. I think somebody told her to wear flats...she's way taller than any other girl...and they're all wearing high heels!
  2. http://www.aandrphotographic.co.uk/
  3. "marco michieletto" is the name of the photographer of the 1st set ("marco" is a male italian name) the model name is "margherita cesarano" italian model, 23yrs old
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NxSVKzju9_o]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NxSVKzju9_o
  5. are you kidding us? use the "nudity" alert and everyone can decide for themselves
  6. I think that nobody can judge a body by a VS photo. They use photoshop as you put the ketchup on french fries...
  7. I try to translate something from the article above (Glamour Italy) she describes herself as a tomboy, who likes to wear jeans and t-shirts, she loves footbal and is a Chelsea fan. The journalist says she does funny little dances during the interview and she's very funny. She used to play football and now she does pilates to tone her body (so she can eat a hot-dog whenever she wants) Whit the money she gained, she bought a house for her grandmothers, next to her parent's house and she helped her father to open a shop of his own. She wants to open a resort for homeless people! She's very close to her family and she figures herself married with childrens 20 years from now, in a white house by the sea. She likes to be famous and recognized by her fans. In a man she likes beautiful eyes and style, irony and smartness. Her ex-boyfriend Kristof cheated her with another girl because she has become too famous and he thought of having to share her with the whole world. She will enroll in law school, to become a lawyer. She likes to act, her favourite movie is The Great Gatsby, she knows Leo and she says he's a curious kind of guy. Lastly she describes herself as too sensitive and always ready to cry for anything.
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