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  1. yeah, hope it will be resolved soon
  2. thank you do we have a thread of her here? if yes can anybody link me to it plz cuz the search option doesn't seem to work with me!
  3. db_23


    am wondering who's the guy on the left
  4. the second is Laeticia Casta but the 1st i believe she's not Laeticia Thank you!
  5. who's the Blonde model? i guess it's Mac ad
  6. i liked her in in Hitch movie
  7. Nicolas Duvauchelle Date of Birth 27 March 1980 , Paris, France 27 March 1980, Paris, France Nickname Nico Hieght 5' 7¾" (1.72 m) 5 '7 ¾ "(1.72 m)
  8. i guess he was in a reality tv show as well, but can't remember his name
  9. what a babe is doing in HOT GUYS forum :evil:
  10. she's an actress but i can't remember her name recently
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