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  1. honestly, i'm disappointed with both looks. The red dress has a weird fabric, the way it fits her makes her look older imo and the black one is terribly styled. Maybe if she wore different shoes it would look better, the gloves are unnecessary. The hair looks BAD with those two strings of hair and the bun, her hairline deserves better
  2. could anyone please download the Vogue video?
  3. yeah, everyone is different, just wanted to give her kudos for the work
  4. checked some boxes for me: big, colourful, extravagant (plus the makeup and the hair) and lacks seriousness. Think she did pretty well based on what I understood from HauteLeMode himself and some other reasearch.
  5. Josephine followed the theme and she looked really good imo.
  6. don't think things are going to get better soon. I mean, some people still talk about the angels as the "new angels" in a kind of bad way even though it's been four years. Alexina will have it hard with the VS fans.
  7. I don't think she's a bad model, just average, but her personality is just... no. People were complaining about Josephine being cringy because she's always happy and smiling but at least she can talk and english isn't even her first language.
  8. are we really surprised tho? they used her A LOT last year so it was a matter of time, VS lives up her ass like they did with Josephine in 2015 before making her an angel. Second show this year and they gave her two outfits (one with that horrible wing they were so proud of).
  9. I am speechless with this look, may be the best red carpet look of her career. The stylist and her glam squad did such a great job
  10. Philipp Plein F/W 2019 source: Josephine Skriver Brasil
  11. nymphxa

    General Discussion

    found this link if y'all don't want to download it: https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x6ya21m
  12. honestly I really like the concept of the commercial and I'm glad they used Jo, she looks great in both the photos and the video
  13. nymphxa

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    that's true, at least her MK outfit is decent
  14. nymphxa

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    yes, they're very very similar, I don't know what were they thinking when they chose those two for her
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