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  1. Those are two more from the C&A making off! They were posted by D-man at AA forum. They belong to the one I posted where she wears this dress, but I haven't seen these pics D-man posted. ...with and without isabeli.
  2. Ana & Malu Barros, Matheus Mazzafera and Marcelle Bittar at Guns & Roses Concert (11/3) Credits and Thanks to D-man!
  3. Hi guys, here are some more pics from the Guns'n Roses concert. Got them from D-man at the Alessandra Ambrosio forum! Thanks and Credits to D-man!
  4. yes I am from Brasil. I live in Rio. Have never been to Mexico but must be great. Where do you live in Mexico?

  5. thanks lirey! He is really good-looking, but his name doesn't sound spanish,,, are you from spain?

  6. Steph_26


    I don't know <_< she looks like she is at a funeral...all in black, totally serious, flowers in the background....
  7. Hi, who is this guy in your avatar? He is cute!

  8. Isabeli at C&A commercial backstage. More
  9. Check out Ana backstage at C&A commercial: c&a
  10. Thanks minus! The Hqs are so cool!
  11. nice vid from Paris with Ana.
  12. - another one from this event from quem+article:
  13. Are these pics new? Which event was it?
  14. Steph_26


    Agree, agree, agree! Beautiful but horrible outfit, Looks like it doesn't know if it's a suit or a dress or just a jacket.....
  15. she looked totally stunning! Thank you for the pics!
  16. Steph_26


    ' THIS explains it THIS is funny! Thanks PC for sharing! Oh and Thank you finchesthalia for the pics. Love her in Rio ;-)
  17. Steph_26


    Marko in nothingless' post "HQs - Adriana and Marko out to Dinner, March 9 2008"
  18. Steph_26


    oh my.....Thank you! She looks fantastic! Love her at this Liverpool event! And out and about with her husband she looks really relaxed and cool....
  19. She is soooo pretty! And looks like she is really nice and friendly! Thanks for the pics everyone!
  20. ...oh my ...I always thought her swollen lips are natural...she also said so all the time....but these pics proof it: they are not........
  21. Steph_26


    sorry but what are camels? Is she smoking again and going into the water with the cigarette? Interesting,.
  22. Thank you! I especially love her for Loewe and KL! The uni-brow look of Galliano is hilarious.
  24. she looks so pretty at this event backstage. I love her dark hair! Especially in contrast with these eyes. She has been the most beautiful of all the girls there.....
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