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  1. vid with Ana Hi, here is another vid with Ana! Unfortunately it has some annoying comercial at the beginning :yuckky:
  2. video with isabeli: modelos brasileiras
  3. Thanks guys! She is incredible beautiful! Any more information on her?
  4. Is this a new pic? If yes, she looks better than ever!
  5. Thanks! This year we already got so many pics of her! I can't believe it! Everytime I look there is something new...every day there is something new! Love her look at the C&A event! Just cool!
  6. I love her style so much at the C&A event! She looks gorgeous! Love her!
  7. ...I think so. He looks very gay to me plus he is a stylist! That might hint to it as well...
  8. this sounds pretty cool! I don't know how to sew....

  9. For what company was this shooting? The last one?
  10. Translation of the interview Top International, Ana Beatriz Barros is a symbol of success within and outside of Brazil. She was chosen to represent the present of the campaign, but the blonde pays reverence to the past. "I was mad when I saw Luiza Brunet on the set. For me it's an honor to be at her side. “The model made other revelations: she wants to become a manager and have her own brand, she plans to start a family, be a mother, and she confesses that she doesn’t want to move on to television. "I'm living the peak of my career." You have been working more often in Brazil and in Rio, right? It’s true. I have been living outside of the country for eleven years, but now I'm circling more around here. Especially because my boyfriend lives in Rio and he is a businessman called Roberto (she refers to Roberto Marinho Neto). When I am in Rio I like to take a walk, I go to the RioSul quite often, did you know? (laughs) You go to the mall? Yes I do, do you believe it? People look at me, but I do not care, I keep walking. I like to walk through the corridors, dining in restaurants and, of course, do a little shopping most of the time. I am a woman, right? For sure. And what do you like to do when you are not working? I like to watch movies and when I have free time I watch four DVDs in a row. I also love riding horses, I do well since little. What is hard to believe is I also like traveling and see other cultures, although my job requires me to turn the world inside of an airplane. And whenever I can I'm with my family. Without them nothing of this would have been possible, because it is very difficult. From them comes my dream to start a family. But not for now! After that I am going to say that I'm pregnant ... (laughs). I always wanted to have four children, but I changed my mind. I think today it would be crazy to have four children, now I would be happy with two. In relation to fashion, what do you think will turn a hit next season? From the catwalk and editorials that I did out there, I saw a lot of leather: dresses, skirts, jackets. I also noticed a strong use of fluorescent colors in gloves and makeup. So what will dominate the looks is a mixture of black leather and vibrant colors. I always buy miniskirts and invest in heels, which is the repertoire of the group of fashion. I just did a job with John Galliano, which to me is genius, I love everything he does. I also saw romantic pieces, fine dresses. The future worries you in any way? It doesn’t worry me, because I have plans. I want to go to college and study marketing, open my own business and I want to have nothing to do with television: neither be a presenter nor an actress. I can not reconcile a career with university lectures for now, so this project must wait for another four years. I don’t intend to drop fashion for now. Take the example of Luiza and how she managed to reconcile her dreams. My idea is to open a brand and a beauty clinic with my sisters Patricia and Maria Luiza, who is a dermatologist. There are dreams and those dreams are possible. I've never been so well in my career, I think I'm at the peak, I also feel good about my relationship ... So far everything is excellent and if it would improve, it would maybe only become worse.
  11. an interview shooting 30 years Rio Sul. interview with Ana
  12. Thank you nothingless! another one!
  13. she is very pretty! Especially her eyes are amazing!
  14. thanks....why does he film the others??? He should only dedicate his "movie" to Ana
  15. yes the movie is with J.Lo and Antonio Banderas. It's not that fantastic, but I thought it was very interesting because it wants to raise awareness of the problems of juarez.

    in my free-time I like meeting my friends, going to restaurants and bars, watching movies, listening to music, reading books, playing with my two cats...

    what are you up to in your free-time?

  16. Ana having a shooting. ego
  17. really? I can't remember having seen these glasses in this video from the show???
  18. wow thanks! Cool pic! But why do some of them have these glasses on their eyes???????
  19. Thanks! I love her styling at Rock&Republic! Really chic and cool!!!
  20. Hi lirey, wow that sounds great. Have never been to mexico, but I'd love to. I have seen a movie yesterday. It's called Bordertown with Jennifer Lopez, and it's about the missing women in ciudad Juarez. Really sad. Actually I never see any models, because I think we have different lifestyle. I go other places than they do.

  21. Pat, Ana's sister, at the Guns'n Roses concert.
  22. Steph_26


    I don't know <_< she looks like she is at a funeral...all in black, totally serious, flowers in the background.... indeed. I'm happy she's back in action but I'm not really digging this look. She's pulled off the ponytail and the black jacket/thing before, but much better: Though I have to say that in these new pics she looks about as young as she does in this pic ^. And back then she was 22. So I dunno if she's found the fountain of youth or anything ;-) But I would love to see her with less makeup and a bit more tan. yes she looks stunning in this pic, when she was 22! Much more at ease concerning the clothes.
  23. Love party in Paris. Posted by Helena at AA-forum in Ales thread. Credits and thanks to Helena. with her sister Patricia and Ale.... with some guy and Ale....
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