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  1. Ana on French TV, looking lovely: youtube
  2. Some more pics of Ana in Milan Ana stuck in Milan
  3. Ana's still stuck in Milan....that sucks. Ana stuck in Milan pic
  4. Hi James! No idea about her facebook. But welcome to this Forum! Esti is really loveley.
  5. Raica on TV with some other Brazilian models. Enjoy!
  6. Two videos of Ana and other Brazilian models on TV. Especially for Sasha for posting all these increcible pics....
  7. Hi Sasha Thank you for the amazing pics! I love them.
  8. Thank you! I love her candids. She is so pretty.
  9. so true....! Thanks for the pics of her at coachella...she looks awesome!
  10. why not russian ? she looks russian to me the little girl is the daughter of her sister and her name is Irina as well Irina at the "Paper man" premiere after party at the Crosby Street Hotel on April 5, 2010 in New York City. A her niece is cute. I don't know but if I think of russian girls I always think of these very pale and tall and blonde girls like Sasha P. or Nathalia....and Irina, she has really mediterreanan skin, and green eyes and dark hair...so I have never been to Russia, but from modeling and the russian girls I have met they always were quite pale and fair looking.
  11. she is unbelivably beautiful! Wow! but she looks so not russian to me...but maybe it's just cliche. How old is she by the way? And who is this cute little girl whose pics she posted on her facebook account?
  12. wow even with this horror-make-up and greasy-look-sleezed-back hair she manages to look fantastic! Unbelievable.
  13. wow, this little village in France must be a dream......
  14. YES Exactly! Thanks so much Lisa! She looks wonderful in them!
  15. Yes I am thinking the same about her barely wearing any make-up. Her facial features are just beyond gorgeous and then she has green eyes! I mean come on...she could have had brown eyes or maybe blue eyes...like everyone else...but no, she is having green eyes..... She could be the worst model ever, but because of her looks she would always be on top....wouldn't say that about some other models.... I mean Gisele is pretty and has a great body, but without her personality she wouldn't have made it....
  16. Is this supposed to be ANA? Doesn't look like her....
  17. Steph_26


    hey yeah, I did notice it too! And I was wondering why they were looking. 1. because they did recognize them? 2. because they did see the paparazzi and did think they have to be someone famous? or 3. because they are just stunning? I think it's point 2.
  18. Thank you! She is so pretty! Especially in the third pic! oh no wanted to say in the second pic, I think it was at Cannes, where she wears this blue gown and has brown hair....
  19. Thank you! She is so pretty! Especially in the third pic!
  20. These 3D Campaigns seem to be the new thing! Really "en vogue!". There is one with Ana B, with Cinthia and now with Isabeli.... Think it's kinda strange, because who is walking around with 3D glasses? But well, at least something new....
  21. Steph_26


    Hope there are more pics on the way from her birthday..... When and where did she celebrate?
  22. yap, I was thinking too that people usually cover their eyes and not their mouth. Looks strange though....
  23. Exactly what I have been thinking!
  24. Love the pics where she is with her kids!!! But why does this fan has this black thing on her mouth? Someone can please explain to me????
  25. Steph_26


    Hi Ale lovers! Here are some pics of Ale walking with Ana and another girl I don't know through NYC. Check the following link: Ale and Ana walking in NYC
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