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  1. Has this been posted before? Thanks to D-man again!
  2. Ana BB and Patricia attending Helena Bordon's birthday party at Numero, SP (June 22) PS: Thanks Sasha! I love the Halloweenpics....she looks beyond gorgeous...even drunk! Who can say that?
  3. posted by D-man in AA forum!
  4. Steph_26


    Wow Renata has so gorgeous features! She is so beautiful! wonder why she isn't more apreciated.
  5. Hi Joe!

    I love your avatar! You gonna be 99 this year?! Congrats!

  6. Wow, love the wallpaper pics! She looks gorgeous in these! I did post two new vids of her in motion. Did you guys check them out?
  7. I totally agree! That's the best description of her......plain and simple! Thanks guys for the pics! She looks amazing! Totally agree with you AnaBBarrosFan. Every time I look at her I can't believe how someone can be that perfectly beautiful! Yeah, and I am not a big fan of this kissing pose either....
  8. Steph_26


    They are just loveley and beautiful in the vid! Wow, living in Madrid must be really nice. and they are closer to Jaric's home country! Europe is great! Love it!
  9. Wow this ed is just amazing! She looks so great! Like an old Italian filmstar... Beautiful! I also like her husband. I always thought that he is vvery handsome and really attractive. Beautiful couple, lucky people..
  10. Beautiful! Thanks a lot Sasha!
  11. Thank you everyone!!! She really is lovely!!! Have to check out her thread more often....
  12. Ana on French TV! Thanks to D-man at AA-forum!
  13. Another vid with Ana! ....and some other models.... TV Globo Quem vê top models como Daniella Sarahyba, Fernanda Tavares, Raica Oliveira, Ana Claudia Michels e Izabel Goulart desfilando ao redor do mundo talvez não imagine que, quando crianças, todas elas compartilharam de um gosto em comum: todas eram baixinhas da Xuxa! Em vídeo exclusivo do nosso site, as meninas relembram os tempos de Xou da Xuxa, confessam seus sonhos de serem paquitas e comemoram a oportunidade de trabalhar com a rainha no Dream Fashion Tour. Confira!
  14. [attachmen t=1007821:cea_kids83.png]
  15. Wahb with Ana Beatriz Barros in his Studio in Milan, 1999 during the Fuji Film Campaign shoot Source: W-visualsolutions PS: Thanks to D-man from AA -forum. By the way: anyone knows this 1999 campagin from Fuji? I have never seen it. If anyone has it, I am really interested...please post!
  16. Thanks for the video Lisa! I think she is really hard to recognize with the blonde hair. At least I didn't recognize her immediately. I am glad she is back to brown.
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