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  1. i just saw this haha. that was 2 years ago, look at adriana, shes a massive model now! tbh, some models just have that 'come hither' look. its in her eyes, i get told a lot that i make that sort of face (embarrassing lol) but sometimes we just have that eye shape. she cant really help it. and theres nothing wrong with what she is/was doing. shes more then a stuff model, because shes got that interesting, unique face. and she had a more high fashion body back when you posted this. i cant believe anyone would insult her like that, even if it was 2 years ago <_< i'm sure you know that even 2years ago, adriana lima was already massive in terms of popularity. credit to Andressa Carvalho
  2. oh, you´re lucky somehow...because when I go out on the streets, there are girls who are sometimes even prettier than models it´s very depressing, though not all of them, but I rarely see an ugly one at which I could feel better about myself ( I know, I´m mean) . But good thread Nina!! As for to answer you question, yeah, it has...in some way for sure. Wanna be thiner (or not "thiner", rather like...as best as I can... ) and I look different on people, I see them in kinda different way, I scan their features, I study their body, (damn, I look like some fanatic stalker) I think about how they could change to look the best - the hair, the style, make-up...oh, I´m a superfreak now But a good thing, I´ve learned to find a true natural beauty in people...like no make-up barbie can delude me!! :D :evil: ...oh yes, some of the girls on the streets are really pretty. But I meant, that I rarely see someone who stands out of the crowd, regarding her beauty. But I agree with you. Natural beauty is so much more important and you can see it.
  3. Hi Strawberry, why don't you let people add their opinion/comment on the topic? Although it's not about personality, I liked to read, what this guy had to say. Personal opinion and comments make the threads interesting ...(at least for me!) ana can look sexy too. - Laetitia is a very sexy person for me. ....and of course Ale and Giselle
  4. :laugh: haha...I have never seen a model with a bunny before! How cute! Gisele's bunny looks sooooo fluffy! I want to touch it.
  5. I think Doutzen Kroes does not have the spirit to be a VS Angel. She is beautiful, even perfect...and intelligent. But I find her boring to look at and to listen to her. I think you have to be really witty to be a VS-Angel, because you have to talk a lot and represent the company. I like Ana BB, because she looks like an angel and is cute talking too. I think there should be a wide range of types. Young, older, dark-haired, blonde, African-skin-colour, white-skin colour.... I don't like the fact, that Brazilian models are so overrepresented as VS-angels. It's true, they are very beautiful....but it's strange, because it's an American company.... They should dismiss Izabel Goulart. Ok. Ana BB is Brazilian too....I don't have a solution?
  6. HI ninanina, I like your question. And I think its true. Somehow it affects the self-image and the way you see others; but maybe mostly unconsciously. When I am looking at the models in this thread, I feel pretty ugly....but when I am out and about in the streets, I rarely see a woman who looks like a model......not even once a month. There are pretty people, in-between, less-pretty people....everything. So reality is different.
  7. Hi! I like this thread. It's so interesting....but I have to agree with some of the people here, that some celebs were shot, on their horriblest days...without knowing it, so they didn't even have time to smile and face the camera....and additionally, I agree, that some of the pics are just bad quality pics...bad pictures (as someone already mentioned). But it's so interesting to see them, on their "normal" days. Still, most of them are very pretty. Nathalie Portman, Anna Kournikova, Shakira, Jessica Alba....they are all incredible pretty women. ...but lets face it: Now, we know the importance of great skin! It makes so much difference! I think Adriana Lima and Ana BB...they are stunning...and have great skin!
  8. Beautiful, rich, young, princess, boyfriend, horses, designer clothes........this is too much for me....no I am not coming back to this thread! It's just too depressing for a "poor", little, just plain normal girl like me...cry
  9. Hm...yes in acting, they like short actresses because they cast many actresses after the male part, which still uses to be the protoganist. So he is casted first, and then they cast the woman part... And while there are so many short men in the business....Tom Cruise & Co. well...it once again looks better if the man is taller than the woman. Hollywood is pretty conservative. But there are also a lot of tall actresses....Cameron Diaz, Liv Tyler, Uman Thurman......But I think there are more small actresses. Acting is different, because they represent all kind of people in their roles. But modeling: No. Every agency will reject you if you are smaller than 1,70m (and there are no chances you will grow.) And if you are between 1,70 and 1,75...they still have concerns, taking you on.... All I want to say, there are certain assets you'll just have to have, if you want to model professionally...and one of them is the height! If you want to work as a doctor, you have to hold a degree in medicine! And if you want to be a model, you have to have a certain height...among other features.
  10. My list! First prize: adriana lima...-.she has such a lovely, cheeky smile....and you can see the child in her. It's so honest. I especially like it, because her teeth are special too! They don't look like anyone else's teeth. Smiles made in Hollywood, look all the same too me. Adriana's is just cute & special... Second prize: Shakira.....-she smiles directly from the heart and looks so honest, and as the loveliest person. Third place: Laetitia's Casta cheeky smile...and Ana BB's gentle, princess smile I don't know what's wrong with me, but Josie Maran and Petra Nemkova do nothing for me.
  11. Like: her natural beauty and that she's french Hate: That she doesn't play in many movies
  12. Sorry, but I don´t consider Eva Longoria as a great actress just by the way acting is not about height, while modeling is - or better, runway is. These are two absolutely different things. I think models have to be tall for many reasons. Many type of clothes look a lot better on tall, slim people. There are many kind of clothes, short people just can't wear! For example a long wavy skirt...someone short would just disappear in it....or long, stretch trousers....they make legs look even shorter...so if someone already has short legs, it looks ;-( Another reason is, that clothes on a tall person just have a huger impact/effect....they can be seen more. And the designers want to sell their clothes...so people have to see them. Next thing...on the runway, the audience wants to see the models, also if you are sitting in the third row. Ok, the runway is elevated, but still the models have to be tall, so all the audience can see them. That's it. The only exceptions are Kate Moss and Laetitia Casta for me. I think there will always be exceptions to the rules, but I just love it that the girls are tall......to create this illusion. ,,,, PS: this doesn't mean that there aren't short people who are not beautiful. Beauty is not a matter of size...but in the model business, it's not only about beauty. And short people have reached a lot of things...just think of Napoleon or Madonna...
  13. She looks special, especially because of her eyebrows. But the eyebrows are too strong for me. she also looks like Tatjana Patitz.
  14. yeah.. that's too bad, models allways go 'wooh' about themselves .. but i don't know, maybe if i would react the same, perhaps it's something you get infected with? but i think she would be perfect to play the part of serena van der woodsen in the movie of the gossipgirl series.. Hi, I don't know if this is true, that she believes high of herself. Some people just assume it, without really knowing it. A very good friend of mine, many people think, she is vain, but the truth is, she is just shy and quiet...she isn't vain at all. Of course I don't know Esti, but who knows? Sometimes it's just envy of other people who make them tell, that she is vain. However, she is really beautiful. She has wonderful hair, and a very cute face. She looks a little bit like James King. But I don't like when they shoot her in this "sexy way"...because she is way too young (and cute) to be shown sexy. I can't see her sexy.
  15. Wow I love these pics. She looks sexy and natural at the same time. They are so beautiful. Thank you.
  16. Yes, the first time I heard her talking, I was surprised either. Somehow you expect a soft voice from her. But I also like the rough voice. - Yes, she is smoking. The video was nice, but I wished there would have been more close-ups from her face. And it should have been longer.... At least now we know, she gets a lot of phone calls....;-) Wonder who is calling her?
  17. Hi Juliebrazil, thank you for the translation of the whole interview. It's been so interesting.
  18. Hi nothingless, I did find the video on youtube. I just entered her name into the Search gap. I don't know who posted it, neither when it was? I am sorry. She was showing her tatoo on her back and telling that she did get it four years ago, because she was so much in love. She explains that it means love in japanese. She also said, that now this love is gone, but the tatoo lasts...it's still there. I think that's all she said.
  19. Steph_26


    I think the same. I love the natural look. And she is the most beautiful, when she is without any make-up at all. A true beauty.
  20. Thank you Aga. I especially liked the editorial where she and Marcello have been in Paris. Wow, they were such an awesome couple (at least regarding their looks) and they look so affectionate. They look so cute. I would have wished that they had made it.
  21. I don't agree. The Macy photos didn't look good, but in general I think she really looks perfect. Just prefer her with blonde highlights, I think they made her look a little bit younger and fresher.
  22. Thanks for the news. She wants to open a dermathology clinic? Don't you need to be a dermatologist to work in such a clinic? Maybe she just wants to take on the business part. I didn't know she is interested in dermathology....at least there is no need for it, regarding her perfect skin!
  23. Oh thank you Angel! finally some new pics from Ana.- She looks divine, like always.
  24. Hi Strawberry Big Mac. I agree with you. I think they are all gorgeous but somehow I don't find them as appealing to look at as Ana B, Raica or Adriana. When I look at Ana B or Adriana I just feel blown away by their unique beauty...but this Ujo girl is beautiful, but that's it. Somehow she is not interesting for me. I can't explain why? Maybe there are too many brazilian newcomers at the moment? I don't know what the reason is`?
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