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  1. Wow! I think it's so fascinating that Laetitia and JLo both are so extremely beautiful women, but at the same time they look so different from each other, although they both have brown hair and are more the mediterrenean typ of woman. It's strange isn't it?
  2. Thanks for the pics guys! She is gorgeous! Did you notice that she swaps clothes with Ana sometimes? I think that's great!
  3. she is supercute!!! What was that shooting with Miranda Kerr for? I liked Rosies shirt. Unfortunately couldn't see it very well....
  4. You are so sweet! Thank you!

  5. Steph_26


    Hi guys! Thanks everyone for the pictures! Adriana looks totally stunning gorgeous and beautiful! I think all the other girls are pretty as well, but only Adriana's beauty is outstanding. She is so extraordinary beautiful...her faceshape her eyes her hair, her skin...she has the perfect face! Only she makes me an addict! The other girls are just "normal beautiful" but Adriana is ...wow...you can't believe that someone can be that beautiful and can't stop looking at her! I am addicted! Thanks for the pics again guys! I appreciate!
  6. Thank you widget!Love them!
  7. She looks fantastic! Thanks minus! Finally a man with good taste!
  8. OMG She is soooo beautiful!Her face her hair her body...and she has this special something in her look that makes her exciting and interesting beyond her beauty! What I want to say is, that she isn't just boring perfection but so much more... Just amazing! Thanks everyone for contributing to this thread. I wish I had something to post as well... but as long as I don't I just say THANK YOU!
  9. oh my she is soooo pretty. Can't believe it. Where are the pics from and who is this guy? her boyfriend? Is it always the same guy on the pics? Sorry, but don't recognize it.
  10. thank you minus! She is so cute and pretty....but so skinny as well...naturally skinny, but still she seems really petite
  11. Rob, I totally have a lil crush on you and your great relationship with kiki, after regoing over all these pages whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa she is very lucky and you are very lucky, yes kiki your guy is really amazing but I have to say so are you kiki I love reading the both of you, but I will also say KIKI PLEASE CONSIDER SELLING ME YOUR LAETITIA , now that sounds weird but let me just say you have these posters kikiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii OMG, yes I am very immature, I love you and Rob and I want your laetiitia More please...!!!!!!!!!!!!11
  12. ...wanna see more Ana! What happened to the movie she should play the main character?
  13. Thanks Sasha! you are the best! I like the Armani ad. She was so young, and she looks sooo cute and nice. And the Dona Flor ad is just great. I love the idea of converting a great novel into an editorial/pictures! Some writers just create an atmosphere which makes you want to draw/illustrate it. And I recomend the novel Dona Flor. It's great and gives great insight into bahian every day life.
  14. Steph_26


    Anja is beautiful and cuuuute! I think she talks to her daughter in portuguese and english, depending on her mood and the situation.
  15. I'd just like to add that I love steak. And if Adriana pisses off people this hateful just by doing her job, then more power to her! What's this??? When did she say these things? I have been following her, but never heard her saying something like this!!!
  16. Thank you! I didn't recognize her in that pic but yes Bianca is very very beautiful! BTW I love your username! Real cool!

  17. Hi tigerlily. Who is the girl in your avatar?

  18. Steph_26


    She really grows old or began to look bad simply, Here compare these photos... What it beautiful both fresh earlier, ^^^^ and what tired now^^^^
  19. Wow, Thank you lovefortheAngels! These pics are great. Where are they from? Is it VS? most of them are from Rosie's photoshoots for Next Thank you for the information!
  20. Agreed! Amazing! She is so beautiful!
  21. Wow, Thank you lovefortheAngels! These pics are great. Where are they from? Is it VS?
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