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  1. Never seen them either! They are beautiful! thanks so much for posting!
  2. Gimme me the lepard.....he is soooooo cute! I want to hug him and kiss him....!
  3. Steph_26


    Or perhaps the unattractive and boring girl has shitloads of cash and her guy is into... shitloads of cash. ...he doesn't seem to be in need of cash.... yeah but I know what you mean! Some people are just the greedy type and can't get enough... but I don't want to believe that this is the reason, as Adriana is so beautiful and an she comes across as very loveley, it shouldn't be too hard to love her!
  4. Steph_26


    Or perhaps the unattractive and boring girl has shitloads of cash and her guy is into... shitloads of cash. ...he doesn't seem to be in need of cash....
  5. omG! She looks divine on every single pic! Thanks so much for posting guys! I especially like the two pics above, because it's so natural....
  6. Steph_26


    ---somehow this guy looks like there is no life in him....strange pic!
  7. Steph_26


    No, of course we don't know! All that I am saying is, that it would be worse for her, if she was....
  8. Steph_26


    This is one reason why you shouldn't save your virginity!!!Because there are too many guys out there who don't appreciate it at all! She missed out a lot in live on top of being with someone who cheats on her (which I still hope isn't true!!!!)
  9. She is one of the many Brazilian models of German descent. Gisele, Raquel, Ana Claudia, Caroline Trentini, and Jeisa are all of German descent (Caroline and Jeisa's families are half german, half italian Brazilians). The Germans (along with the Italians) predominate the Southern part of Brazil, which is where Cintia is from. Ana Beatriz and Fernanda are a couple of the only White Brazilian models that are not of either German or Italian descent yes it's true! Many Brazilian models seem to have German roots. I even have read that Ana Beatriz is of German descent among being of spanish and portuguese descent.
  10. Thanks for the information! i love lisboa!
  11. Thanks a lot nothingless! They all look gorgeous, but I have to admit that Ana is the prettiest even next to those other stunners!
  12. mmmmh her dress looks so cute!!!
  13. Wow Theron and Vanessa! Thanks so much for the pics! I am blown away... She looks so beautiful...sorry but it's not normal to look so incredibly beautiful. Anyone knows where the shooting did take place? Was it in France, because of the grapes and wine?
  14. Steph_26


    In case of Adriana I don't think so....and it also makes me ask this question: So why do women who are boring AND unattractive find a guy???
  15. Hi Theron, thanks for the pics! She looks so cute and pretty....I love everything..the style, the atmosphere...I love the bikinis. Wanna have them all! So beautiful!
  16. She is married? I don't think so! She is too young.
  17. Steph_26


    Good to hear. I agree with your points. And yes, Adriana always struck me as the good, well-behaved girl that can seem borderline-boring, especially to a guy like Marko. Nina Moric seems like Adriana's opposite. She seems like a less classy but much more outgoing and wild girl. In other words, Adriana is the devout Catholic that prefers to stay at home and watch Brazilian soap TV and Nina is the wild nymphomaniac that would rather party the night away - whether it's in the club or in the bed. Marko is the type of guy who wants the good well-behaved girl as wife, but still can't let go of the wild chick for a bit of "fun time". A trophy hunter. A panty diver. A... you get the idea. Adriana, unfortunately, seems attracted to that type of a guy. Kravitz, Denny, Marko. Those are the type of guys who just can't stay away from other women to save their lives. Of course, I don't know any of them personally so take my analysis for what it is. This is just what it looks to me from afar. I just hope so much for Adriana that this isn't true!!! She has deserved so much better!!!! And I don't think she is the boring type of woman! She seems very lively and funny and someone who enjoys life.
  18. Hi, I have only seen one pic. She is standing there looking back over her shoulder. Loads of make-up and retouching which she doesn't need. Hope the pics are showing up soon on the net. Strange that they don't put it up on the net, no?
  19. Wow! Cool! Thanks! She looks fantastic...the guy looks.... :yuckky: but well.... which language is this? Russian?
  20. Hi guys and girls, I have seen Ana for Fornarina in a magazine and on poster already a few weeks ago. First I thought it's not her, but I am sure it is.... Just wonder why these pics of her campaign don't pop up on the internet???? Anyone knows? Because they have been in magazines for at least a month now....
  21. Wow! Thanks for the Candids Vanessa and Palmtree chick. Are the candids new??? And is this her boyfriend? Who is he? Looks like a model too.
  22. What does the text say? Is this her boyfriend or husband?
  23. Thanks for the pics! Can't believe how beautiful she is.....! Just stunning! The pics of her shopping are they new?
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