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  1. Motion

    omg thank you sooo very much for the 1080i clip! Finaly it's Adrianas turn to wear it!
  2. Fan Talk

    EDIT: Removed
  3. Motion

  4. Motion

    Thank you PinkCouture!
  5. Motion

    Hey Azkid i saw that you captured this video: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-7...;q=adriana+lima could you please upload it in avi or mpg please?
  6. Candids

    Thanks for the pics Norah, all new to me
  7. Victoria's Secret Swimwear

    I love it, thanks!!
  8. Candids

    that's not Adriana. I remember this photo been posted before. it's not the right shoes, lefs, nose, hair, shape of face... that is so her! look at the face. what do u mean not the right soes? im sure she owns more than 1 pair! & her hair was red for a while but she dyes it so much for all we know it could be purple now. Seen that picture before didnt think it was her then, and i still dont. IMO that is not Adriana
  9. Motion

    Thank you Badmoogle! I did'nt know you could do that, but i was hoping to get it in higher quality. Saw it was captured by Azkid and he is a member here on the forums. Anyone has his capture in avi? By the way Badmoogle to use the quote function just press the reply button next to the quote button on the right side, if the quote button has a red - (minus sign) press it again to make it + (plus sign), then press the reply button
  10. Motion

    I'm looking for the US version. She speaks more than just: "Style your lashes." BUT it is a commercial for the lashes. I have the US version of that same commercial but she does'nt say anything at all in that one
  11. Motion

    Thank you very much Stawrogin!
  12. Motion

    Anyone? Or does anyone know when the commercial came out? I think it was the only Maybelline commercial where she was speaking in her own voice. It takes forever for me to see the clips on YouTube, so that's why I was wondering if anyone knew the direct link so I wouldn't have to waste all of that time to look for the thirty second clip. Thanks for the help! She speaks with her own voice in this one: at 00:21. It's the Norwegian version of the commercial so no dubbing is required, she only says one line though.Btw. does anyone have http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cbi_UNlYFQU and in HQ avi? Also the one where she is interviewed at the late late show with a scottish(?) host? All the links for that one has expired. Anyone can help?
  13. Motion

    Thank you I LOVE ADRIANA and Stawrogin! Thank you
  14. Motion

    Hi, a little of topic here, but what program are you guys using to make those gif pictures? their awsome! Sorry for going off topic