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    puuuh... it´s great to see her finally
  2. Fashiongirl


    VS cast a pair of 12-year-olds? :| eww who is this? <_< I have noooo idea... I asked myself the same question... never saw those girls
  3. TODAY THE FINAL DAY!! WE WILL SEE HER AGAIN!! WOHOOO Hopefully this year some interview with her... last year we had no interview with her Hopefullly this year Wohoooo
  4. Fashiongirl


    Heidi is looking like a head cheese... this dress is ugly in my view... but at least we are there to see the SHOW!!! (I hope) and NOT TOO much Heidi... so the dress is not important for me hahaha
  5. lol I hope so too that she isn´t making that kind f pose... I hate those poses... this is 0% sexy... but we will see lol
  6. Aren´t these girls the girls from the Model casting?
  7. You guys are awesome!! Wohoooo!! Thanks alot!! The girls look great!!
  9. I think Julia´s outfit is great... but ok... we can´t see much on these small pics lol But ok... we will see more on Thurstday
  10. The VSFS is not the same with Iza... so I hope too that it´s true!!
  11. Awesome guys!! Thanks alot... soon we will get alot more pics of the VS Show Wohooo CAn´t wait
  12. Iza is in the background!! YEAH! (you can see SPFW TV, is there a website... maybe there are more videos, also from Izabel)
  13. Wohooo Thanks!! You can see the both at 5:40 very shortly... it´s really bad quality
  14. Wohoooo Iza pics.... she looks awesome! :heart:
  15. No no no Today is the big day!! She is doing four runway shows ahhh! thanks for clearing that up... i knew it was around the time of her birthday. can't wait to see some new pictures!!! Yeah me too!! new pics and videos/interviews... I really miss Izabel, we didn´t hear something about her since June/end of June
  16. No no no Today is the big day!! She is doing four runway shows
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