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  1. ImageSorter (free, discontinued) I found this very useful to find images where you know how they look but dont have any other information. I tried it with 5 random pictures and found them within seconds. You can also let the software search for similar images and filter them by color, orientation, size and filetype. It lets you zoom in and out fluently which is pretty cool. Just wanted to let you know about it.
  2. I dont know how you guys organize your collection but if you do it by photographers you can go to a trello board I've created and add galleries there. Maybe that could be useful.. idk. Just have a look and if you like the idea, tell me how we could make it better. I only completed Ivan Gorokhof and the others are wip. If you want to add photographers / pictures, just send me a message. You just need to tell me your username on trello. If you think this is garbage or wont work, thats alright
  3. Ph.: Irina Vlasenko • Source: VK • Res.: 2400px She 'updated' those yesterday.
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